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What to wear on your graduation day

by Veronica Varetta |

WHAT: LIL Jewels

WHO: Everyone who’s about to graduate

WHEN: Graduation day 

WHERE: Everywhere 

WHY: To shine on a very special day 


First of all, if you are reading this article, congratulations! You are probably close to achieving an important goal and we would be honoured if LIL Milan could be with you on this special day.

You made many sacrifices and for sure your feelings are indescribable. A great graduation jewelry is a cuddle to repay our efforts and perseverance in the best way possible. 

Our solid gold jewels fit in everyday life but for such an important event we would love to give you some advice to make you shine even more on this special day!

LIL Brick: amulet in yellow or white gold 9KT. It symbolises progress and the achievement of a goal - it’s the perfect gift that speaks for the several steps that have been necessary to reach the big day! 

Step by step, one brick at a time, we wish you to make all your dreams come true!

Rocky Ring: 18KT gold ring. Its classic shape is solid and bold at the same time, just as the goal you are about to reach. Rocky Ring is the perfect ring to be engraved, maybe with the special day’s date?

Honey Ring: half rigid yellow gold ring 18KT. Its design recalls a honeycomb. Moreover bees are symbols of sweet rebirth and hard work!

Perfect for this occasion, isn’t it?

Choklet: the personalised necklace that can become a bracelet or an anklet just by unlinking some of the elements it is made of. An enjoyable way to always have a unique product perfectly fitting your taste. 

You can make it truly yours! After all, graduation day is your day! 

Rainbow: yellow or white plain solid gold earring, or yellow solid gold with zircons: white, black, champagne, multicolor, blue or pink. Rainbow is special because it can be worn in two different ways: downwards - hooking the ear lobe - or upwards - hooking the anti-tragus and thus looking like a piercing. It is the perfect earring for any occasion, from the more formal to the most glamour ones and especially it is perfect for graduation day

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