How to style multiple rings?

Wearing multiple rings on both hands is a fad nowadays. From teens to college students and super moms, all wear multiple rings to create their own personal style. 

There is no clear-cut rule regarding the number of rings you can wear on a finger. While some are happy with two rings, some go the extra mile and wear up to 5 rings on a finger. 

Though multiple rings on one hand may constitute a fashion statement, they should be styled properly to strike a proper balance. Otherwise, it can create a messed-up, disarrayed look

Wearing multiple rings, styling multiple rings

Factors to consider when wearing multiple rings

Once you decide to wear multiple rings, you should consider certain factors. This ensures that you strike the right balance and you do not create an overpowering effect. 

  • Which finger to wear

If you wear multiple rings, you should first decide which finger you want to wear rings. Do you want to adorn only one finger with multiple rings? Or do you want to wear a single ring in more than one finger? 

The relation between the ring and the finger it is worn has deep meaning. It can symbolise your marital status to your overall personality. Thus, you should consider this before deciding on which finger you want to put the ring on. 

  • Your style and preference

Your personal style is another factor to consider while selecting the ring. Do you like a minimalistic look? Then you should go for a simple, band-style ring. On the other hand, if you like flashy and over-the-top designs, you should go for larger rings with detailed patterns. 

  • Your outfit

The type of outfit you wear - whether casual or formal - should also be considered while selecting the ring. The ring you wear should complement the outfit. For formal wear, silver rings or platinum rings would look very good. For casual dressing, chunky rings with designs are a good choice. 


What Is the Meaning of Each Finger for Ring?

According to palmistry, the ring and the finger you wear says a lot about your personality. Here is the meaning behind wearing ring on each of the fingers. 

  • Thumb 

The thumb speaks a lot about the character of a person. A straight thumb symbolizes a straight person, whereas a crooked thumb stands for a negative character. Wearing thumb rings show that you are a quick-moving personality. Since the thumb is separated from the rest of the fingers, wearing a ring on the thumb shows your alienating nature.  

  • Index finger

Index finger represents authority and power. People who wear rings on the index finger usually possess leadership qualities. They have a tendency to stake their claim and take charge of any situation that they encounter. However, they may anger others easily. 

  • Middle finger

The middle finger is the finger with the most strength and balance as it is right in the middle of the palm. Those who wear a ring on the middle finger value responsibility. They also have a serious outlook on life. 

  • Ring finger

Wedding rings are normally worn on ring fingers. Thus, it denotes your marital status. People with wedding rings are more romantic and tends to enjoy life.

  • Pinky finger

If a ring is worn on the pinky finger of an active hand, it indicates that the person has very capable negotiating skills. If worn on the other hand, the person has better listening skills. 

RINGS AND FINGERS, What Is the Meaning of Each Finger for Ring

How to wear rings with your attire and other accessories?

  • If you wear multiple rings, make sure that at least one of the rings matches the other accessories.
    For eg, if you mix and match a gold ring, a rose gold ring and a silver ring, you should make sure that the necklace you wear is either gold, rose gold or silver. 
  • The outfit you wear and the ring should strike a balance.
    If you are wearing a flashy outfit, keep the ring simple. On the other hand, if the outfit is ordinary, you can create a stylish look by going for statement rings like rose gold rings. 

It is best to have one band ring that can easily complement all attires and accessories. You can wear a single metal band, with both formal and casual outfits. 


Tips for wearing multiple rings

  • Do not mix metals

While wearing multiple rings on your fingers, make sure you go for the same type of metal. For e.g., if you are choosing a silver ring, all the rings you select should be made of silver. However, if you follow a quirky style, you can mix and match the rings. 
    • Mix different types of rings

    While using multiple rings, try to mix different types of rings. E.g, if you are wearing funky rings, pair it with a delicate ring so that it does not create an overpowering effect. Similarly, if two of the rings are rounded, you can use a curved ring to create a style statement. 
      • Opt for midi rings

      If you wear rings in two or more fingers, you should buy midi rings to complete the look. Midi rings are rings worn above the joint. A midi ring will be a few sizes smaller than your regular size. 
        • Wear delicate rings on adjacent fingers

        If you are wearing rings in adjacent fingers, make sure they are thin. Thus, they do not rub against each other and get worn off easily. In the case of a chunky ring, it is best to wear only one. 
          • Go for stackable rings.

          Stacking rings are a great choice if you want to wear multiple rings on your hands daily. Stacking rings are single rings with multiple bands, one on the other. 


            While wearing rings or any accessories, you must feel confident. You should style the ring so that you feel comfortable and confident. Also, try to maintain a balance between the various accessories so that it does not look too overbearing and overpowering. 


            Can I wear two rings on one hand?

            The number of rings to wear on a hand is purely a personal choice. Thus, you can wear two rings on one hand. While some people like wearing rings in only one hand, others prefer wearing them in both hands. 

            How many rings should you wear on one hand?

            You can wear any number of rings on one hand. But to convey an elegant look, it is best to wear not more than three rings in one hand. 

            How to wear multiple rings on hand?

            When you wear multiple rings on the same hand, try to maintain a balance by going for the same piece of metal. Also, it would be a good idea to strike a balance by mixing chunky rings with delicate rings.