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No need to cry.No need to cry.No need to cry.No need to cry. No need to cry.No need to cry.No need to cry.No need to cry.

Have you ever

Smiled to a stranger across the street?

Found out you have one more thing in common with your high school bff?

Started a conversation with a random woman?

we did.


It was Boys Tears Choker.

This is why we decided to create a club of inspiring, interesting, sparkling people.

And also because ‘Belonging’ is what LIL has always been about.

What is the club about?

By purchasing Boys Tears and Girls Tears (have a look at the selection of jewels below) you will get access to Boys Tears Club.

BTC is a private club made exclusively for you.

Get access to the club to discover a special selection of merchandise and much more.

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Dance LIL the end

Discover exclusive events made only for our community, such as Dance LIL The End, a clubbing paradise you surely don’t want to miss.

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Scan the QR code below or just visit our Instagram page and click the filter tab. Don’t forget to tag @lil_milan in your story. We’ll be happy to repost the best videos.

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