Dance LIL the end!

WHAT: Dance LIL the end 

WHO: LIL’s community

WHEN: 18/11/2021

WHERE: Exit Pastificio Urbano + Apophis

WHY: To gift our community a special night on the dance floor

Dance LIL the end is the title of the very first LIL’s discoparty. It was amazing!

Some weeks ago I came up with the idea of creating something cool for my community and among all the possibilities - Dance! was the answer. I wanted to offer to our long-time supporters, trying to create a real LIL experience starting at the dinner table and going all the way to the club. 

The event started at 9pm at Exit Pastificio Urbano - a very refined restaurant specialised in PASTA - with friends and collaborators. The table set up was curated by Valentina Gattuso, founder of Talea Studio: sophisticated, yet simple just like LIL. Seasonal fruits and vegetables were used to create the set adorned by a thin gold metal string all over.

After dinner, the event moved to Apophis - a cool private club in the heart of the city. The LIL team customized the club with props and objects: posters on the walls, glass decal and stickers - LIL everything! Have you scrolled the pictures? The Boys Tears Club was there, of course :)

We had 3 amazing DJs perform: Alex Valentina, Psychicclub and Saint Ludo. They have been able to really make us Dance LIL the end! Drinks were created by Exit Pastificio Urbano and they were named after our 3 DJs :)

The party ended late in the night but we couldn’t say goodbye to our friends without a last gift so we thought a good sandwich could really please those who came out after a long dancing night. The sandwiches by L’Altro Tramezzino were the cherry on top of a memorable night. Despite glitters and beautiful things, I loved getting inspired by everyone's enthusiasm, joy and happiness.

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