Hi everyone,

It’s VV speaking. 

As you probably have noticed, last week my team and I decided to give life to a special project called Ask for itThe project was born in 2019 but it just wasn't the right time to launch it. This year I wanted to make something special for Saint Valentine’s day, I wanted to give people an excuse to express themselvesI’m always trying to get in touch with my community both online and offline because I think it's important to give anyone the chance to reach us in any way and at any time. 

That’s why Ask for it was born as a poster, a physical one, that you can find in many different spots of Milan. Its aim is to catch your attention, so that you can write on it something personal and maybe post it on your fav social network! It is a way to express something very intimate and share it with your people but also not to be afraid of telling someone what you feel, love or believe in!

Graphics and layout are always important to me and of course I couldn’t make only something in line with LIL’s style.

It’s minimal, clear and pop. I wanted to spaced-out the poster by a series of jewellery pics just to give you an idea of our branding and the design guidelines we follow in order to create our campaign and projects.

At the bottom of the big poster you have the chance to rip a note and give it to your favorite person.

It was meant to be for Saint Valentine's Day but I think it works 365 days / year.

Last but not least, it started as physical experience but it became (as usual) an online experience too: that’s why you can find a special filter on our Instagram so you can have fun alone or with friends and post your personal wishes - make it yours, truly. 

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