The bees project

WHAT: Honey Family: Ring, Choker and Hoop

WHO: 3bee + LIL 

WHEN: Aug 18th 2021


WHY: To help the bees of our planet

An all-Italian project between 3bee and LIL on a very current issue that is often disregarded: the protection of bees. 

3bee is a green start up and it develops intelligent monitoring systems for bee health. LIL decided to support its “Adopt a Hive” project to protect a hive remotely and support a beekeeper.

With your help, in fact, we will be able to adopt at least 1 hive by the end of the year: 10% of each purchase relating to Honey Choker, Honey Ring and Honey Hoop will be set aside for this project.

Then we will be able to monitor our hive together and supervise the development and growth of our bees. 

Here are some interesting facts about the world of bees and 3bee

  1. The pollination carried out by bees allows the reproduction of many plants, thus maintaining the balance of ecosystems and preserving biodiversity. 
  2. Over 2/3 of food crops are available thanks to the pollination of bees. 
  3. Bees play an active role in restoring areas close to desertification and in the direct and indirect absorption of carbon dioxide. 
  4. Almost 90% of wild plants and 75% of food crops rely on pollination by insects.
  5. If there were no more bees, we would no longer be able to eat most of the food we find everyday on our table . 
  6. Bees are at great risk because of pesticides, diseases and climate change. 
  7. 10 million hives disappeared in the last 10 years: these are not numbers that we can ignore. 
  8. In just 30 years, bee and wasp populations have shrunk by almost 40% all over the world.
  9. The adoption of a hive allows us to support the work of an Italian beekeeper, to safeguard the health of bees and to encourage the repopulation of the species.
  10. The use of illegal chemicals and antibiotics is banned for 3bee beekeepers.


Thanks to your help we have been able to donate 1 hive to Le Avije.

Check the certificate here.

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