Bridesmaid Jewellery Gift Ideas

Gifting bridesmaids is not a tradition. But it has become a common practice nowadays. For a wedding or a bridal party, the bride’s friends, coworkers or schoolmates are chosen as the bridesmaid. These are people who have been part of your life for a long time. Thus, it is natural that you want to gift them something special. 

Sometimes you will have a specific bridesmaid theme in mind for the bridal party. To bring a coordinated look among the bridesmaids, you can give them beautiful pieces of jewellery.  

What jewellery should bridesmaids wear?

Your bridesmaids can wear any type of jewellery, depending on what theme you have in mind. They can also dress sans jewellery if the theme calls for it. Here are some bridesmaid jewellery ideas for you to select from. 


Earrings for women are available in different styles and patterns. What type to choose depends on the dressing style. A beautiful pair of studs will look perfect if you tie the hair in a bun. On the other hand, if you let the hair loose, you can wear drop earrings. 

drop earrings, earrings for bridesmaid

Try to match the piercings as well for a coordinated look. If only one bridesmaid has piercings, others can go for a press-on earring for a uniform look. 


The type of necklace to choose depends on the dress's neckline. With high necklines, long chains would be a perfect choice. Dainty necklaces with a simple pendant would look good for low necklines like round or V-shaped ones.

If the dress has a statement neckline, skipping the necklace would be a good idea. Similarly, going without a necklace would be a good idea for one-shoulder dresses. 


Bracelet is a symbol of friendship. Thus personalised bracelets for women make a perfect bridesmaid gift. However, if the bridesmaid dress has a long sleeve, it is a good idea to skip bracelets altogether. 

personalised bracelets for women, bracelets for bridesmaid


1: Earring

Mini Astro hoop

Mini Astro Hoops are gold earrings for women that match all hairdo types. The white stones of the earring provide a unique look to it. 

hoop earrings, earrings for women


Shaker is yet another gold earring that goes well with off-shoulder dresses. 

earrings for women


Rainbow is a hoop-like stud that you can wear whichever way you want. The earring is available in gold and white finishes with stones in champagne, white, turquoise and pink colours. Multicoloured stones are also available for a unique look. 

2: Necklace


If you prefer choker-style gold necklaces for the bridesmaid, Flirty is a good option. This choker necklace would look best with off-shoulder dresses. 

choker, necklace for bridesmaid

Granola chain

Granola chain is a simple gold necklace with a floral beaded pendant. These types of bridesmaid necklaces would look good with dresses with normal necklines. 

Grandma choker

Grandma choker is a simple chain-style necklace that adds an elegant touch to the bridesmaid’s attire. 

choker for women

3: Bracelets

Glimmer bracelet

Glimmer will be a perfect choice if you are looking for simple 18k gold bracelets for women. The bracelet is available in different sizes, thus providing you with a better option.

Boys tears bracelet

Boys Tears bracelet would be a good option for a simple and elegant-looking white bracelet. This bracelet would look good with matching jewellery in a white gold finish. 



This is a chain-style bracelet in gold and white finishes. You can purchase any type, depending on the colour of the dress. 

Does the bride wear the same jewellery as the bridesmaids?

The bride is the centre of attraction at every wedding. Thus, traditionally the bride wears jewellery different from the bridesmaid to avoid the uniform look. 

Moreover, the bridesmaids try to keep up a uniform look among themselves. Thus, their jewellery will be different from that of the bride. If there are no specifics about bridesmaid jewellery, they are free to wear anything of their choice. 

How to Choose Bridesmaid Jewellery?

If you are looking for bridesmaid jewellery gift ideas, there are certain things that you should consider. 

1: The bridesmaid dress

First, you should consider the bridesmaid dresses before selecting the jewellery. The jewellery that you select should match the bridesmaid dress. You should select metals that complement the dress colour, like rose gold for a pink dress, or white for a blue dress. 

If the dress has different colours and you want to pull the look together, it would be a good idea to go for stone jewellery. A simple stone pendant or drop earring with stone can tie together the vibrant look. 

2: Check the dress neckline

No necklaces are required if the bridesmaid's dress has a halter or illusion neckline. However, if the dress is off-shoulder or has a sweetheart neckline, a beautiful statement necklaces can accentuate the look. If you decide to do away with necklaces, a long earring would look stunning. 

3: Check the hairstyle

The hairstyle and earrings selected should complement each other. In the case of an updo hairstyle, danglers in gold or white would look stunning. You can opt for a small drop earring if the hair is let loose. 

4: Match the bride’s accessories

You do not want the bridesmaid’s accessories to be the exact same as the bride’s. However, some degree of matching is desirable.

You can go for the same metal the bride uses in her jewellery. Or you can go for one that compliments the bride’s accessories. 

If the bride is wearing a pearl necklace, a pearl drop earring for the bridesmaid helps tie the accessories together. If the bride uses a crystal hair accessory, the bridesmaids can have the crystal in any other accessories they wear. 

5: Price

Bridesmaid’s jewellery for wedding day is available in different price ranges. This depends on the type of metal and stones used. You should consider the price before selecting a piece of jewellery. 

6: Budget

Last but not least, you should consider your budget as well. Purchasing jewellery for all can be expensive if you have several bridesmaids. It would then be a good idea to go for less expensive jewellery. 


Like bridal jewellery, bridesmaid’s jewellery also gains a lot of importance. If you are looking for bridesmaid jewellery gift ideas, a lot of them are available online. The type of jewellery depends on the dress, hairstyle and bride’s accessories. Besides, you should also consider your budget so that the gift does not turn out to be too expensive.