How to Style & Wear Belly & Waist Chains

What is Belly Chain

A belly chain, or a waist chain, is a metal chain designed to hang around the waist, typically from one hip to the other.

History of Belly Chain

Many women enjoy wearing waist chains as they mesh well with most outfits. Historical records indicate that the use of waist chains can be traced back to 4000 years ago in the Indian subcontinent.

Waist chains have been historically utilized by both men and women in India either as ornaments to showcase their affluence and their social status, and / or as part of religious ceremonies. In India, a belly chain is commonly referred to as a Kamarband.

In modern times, the adoption of waist chains has been popularized by celebrities and fashion icons such as Beyonce and Bella Hadid, in order to add an extra bling and pizzazz either to their beachwear or to their gowns in preparation for a private soiree.Belly Chain

Types of Belly Chains

In essence, there are several types of belly chains:

  • Belly chains can be made of yellow or white gold or silver.
  • Pierced belly chains: A pierced belly chain goes around the waist and is held in place by a navel piercing.
  • For the uninitiated, a navel piercing is a type of body piercing that goes through the belly button.
  • Belly chains with pearls and / or gemstones in them.
  • Plastic belly chains, often worn by pregnant women due to their comfort and flexibility. Indeed, plastic waist chains are capable of reverting back to their original shape after being stretched.

What do Belly Chains Symbolize? 

Nowadays, belly chains are very popular worldwide and are commonly used as an accessory by women to add glamour to their outfits and their overall appearance and physique.

Apart from using waist beads for aesthetic purposes, belly chains and waist beads symbolize fertility, femininity, sensuality and spiritual wellbeing.

These gold or silver belly chains typically symbolize delicate beauty. Belly chains, more often than not, are worn to attract other people's attention to the beautiful female body.belly chains symbolize

Choosing a Belly Chain

Belly chains don’t need a special occasion. They can be worn on any given day.

Depending on the season you can choose a different collection of chains.

  • Summer is the season when you can wear a chain on your necked body. The beach is a great chance to display your gold or silver waist chain with other summertime jewellery items. Word to the wise: Belly chains will also look great with a tank top or a sundress in the summertime.
  • Belly chains can also be styled during the wintertime. If you’re looking for a way to add some charm to your look, try wearing a belly chain with a sweater dress. The belly chain will add a touch of glamor to your look, and the sweater dress will keep you warm on a blustery day.
  • As previously mentioned, you don’t need a special occasion to wear a waist chain. Styling it, however, will undoubtedly depend on certain factorsThe choice of body jewellery is very important.
  • For example, during formal occasions, you should choose an elegant and glamorous belly chain. A long dress, accompanied by a waist bead alongside a gold waist chain, is the ultimate embodiment of style and elegance. Additionally, mixing and matching items together to showcase elegance on special occasions would be the smart move.
  • All-in-all, belly chains can be an item that greatly effects, positively of course, your overall look and allure.
  • Depending on the material, you can choose different belly chains.
  • Opting for a gold belly chain is a great choice. Simply put, nothing can go wrong by choosing a golden finish. This type of chain can be made as a white gold chain, yellow gold chain, or rose gold chain. All three tips are very beautiful and elegant. A belly chain made of gold can be made thin, to look like a delicate gold chain around the hips. A gold belly chain can be made thick to look like a gold bangle. Usually, ladies have more than one gold belly chain around their waist on them.
  • Belly chains embellished with other items, such as pearls, crystals, or sea glass, can be mixed and matched with other types of jewellery. Add an elegant and fashionable belly chain to your jewellery collection and you will have a glamorous look in the blink of an eye.

How to Wear a Belly Chainhow to wear belly chain

Wearing a belly chain is a great way to further highlight your figure. The gold belly chain around your waist will highlight your narrow waist and delicate figure. A naked stomach with a delicate thin gold waist chain will provide you with a fashionable look. In a way, belly chains can also be used to gauge changes in weight in order to detect any gain or loss in the abdomen.

More than one chain around your hips will enhance your beautiful figure. Wide hips are so appealing to men. A gold belly chain can make your body look ravishing. Several styling belly chains will give the impression of rich beauty.

A simple summer dress or shorts and a tank top will perfectly gel with a small waist chain. This is a casual, yet elegant, particularly on a hot summer day.

A pair of jeans and a t-shirt will be a great choice if you put on a stylish gold belly chain. Use a gold waist chain instead of the belt on any dress for a more glamorous appearance. For a simple long black dress uses a thick gold bangle. For a multicolored short dress, opt for  a simple silver or white gold chain. The effect will be quite astonishing.

Tips for Wearing a Belly ChainTips for Wearing a Belly Chain

If you wish to look stylish and elegant wearing a belly chain, consider adopting the following principle: less is more. If you put too much gold jewellery on you, this touch will be way too superfluous and over - the - top. 

Try not to mix different gold chains. Choose yellow, white, or rose gold, and don't put more than one gold color. A belly chain with many ornaments is for everyday wear.

Whether you choose to don either gold or silver jewellery, you should adopt the same item for your belly chain. Keep the following principle in mind: same style, same color for all the jewellery that you intend to wear.

Vendors with next day delivery

Be extra careful where you buy your belly chain jewellery. Make orders only from reputable vendors who are selling premium-quality belly chain jewellery. Try to find vendors on the web that provide next-day delivery services.

Final Tip

If you wish to know How to Style and Wear Belly Chainthe most important idea to remember is that less is more. Belly chains add a charming and alluring touch to any outfit, thus enabling you to stand out from the rest of the crowd. Whether you’re dressing up for a special event or just want to add a bit of personality to your everyday style, a belly chain is the way to go!