july birthstone, red ruby july birthstone, jewellery with rubies

July Birthstone - Ruby

Have you or your friends were born in July? Do you know that ruby is July's birthstone? Read our article to find out more about this red gemstone!

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styling jewellery for men, mens jewellery styling
jewellery for men

How to Style Jewellery for Men

Most times, the term 'jewellery' is used for women and their collection of necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. However, there is also jewellery for...

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pearls shape guide, what determines pearl shape, types of pearl shapes

Pearls shape guide

Round pearls are classic! But what about other multiple varieties of pearl shapes out there? Read our guide to find out about pearl formation &...

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affordable jewellery guide, affordable solid gold jewelry, cheap jewelry

Affordable real jewellery

Are you on a tight budget? It is better to invest in solid gold jewellery, they also come at the reasonable prices! See our guide!

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jewellery for men

Real Jewellery collection

Real jewellery is the great investment option! This jewellery lasts a long time and always looks its best! Check out our collection of real jewellery

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