How to Style Jewellery for Men

Most times, the term 'jewellery' is used for women and their collection of necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. However, there is also jewellery for men, and it's fast gaining popularity. Men have bracelets, watches, necklaces, and cufflinks to select from. Wearing mens jewellery can significantly improve your style. However, it is crucial to wear it right to get the best result; this guide covers how to style jewellery for men. 

For most men, styling jewellery is quite confusing. Although women can usually pull off a combination of various jewellery, men's rules are quite different. In this article, we'll break down the different types of jewellery and provide some tips on how to style jewellery for men to ensure you look your best. On that note, let's get into it.


Types of Men's jewellery


This section will provide a summarized list of men's jewellery. Then, we'll be reviewing them in-depth to help you decide the type of jewellery you're looking for. 


Men's Watches and Bracelets

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A timepiece is one of the mens jewellery you can never go wrong with. This functional piece of jewellery is available in various styles and prices. When worn perfectly, it can significantly transform your look. It's best to have a variety of watches in your collection. For example, you can own a dressy watch for special occasions, an everyday watch, and even a smartwatch. You can rarely go wrong with gunmetal, gold, silver, and black watch.

When it comes to mens bracelets, you have to choose a style that doesn't overshadow your look. Although mens gold bracelets are the most popular option, you need to ensure it complements your look. There are several varieties when looking for bracelets for men. Men can explore attractive options, including metal bangles and double band wraps. 


Men's Rings


    A wedding band is the most popular ring men wear. However, there are other ways to wear a ring as a man. Wear a gold or two-toned metal to improve your professional look. If you're wearing a casual outfit, you could choose to stack rings on one finger or wear many rings on a couple of fingers. The key to wearing a men's ring is confidence.

    Although a diamond ring is a luxury for most, it is the most popular type of wedding band. Of course, you could always opt for a synthetic diamond if you find its high price is a problem. To the untrained eye, there is no difference between both.




    Although most people do not realize this, mens necklaces are also in vogue and can improve your appearance. However, you would want to keep it simple when choosing a necklace. Something minimal with meaning could either be worn over your shirt or tucked in. You can also wear a men's chain necklace at mid-chest length. This works to create a stylish and polished look for the wearer.

    You can also wear gold chains for men and layer them with other chains of different lengths. This works to create complementary metals. You can take it further by wearing a pendant. 


    Cuff Links


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    Men's cufflink is another type of jewellery you can explore. A set of designer cufflinks can set off your look. They're usually reserved for special occasions. However, you can wear them for professional settings. Cufflinks come in different styles. Common choices are gold cufflinks; there are also classic silver and metallic cufflinks. Mens cufflinks also come in varying shapes, like circular or square shapes, and feature a unique design. Although you can't go wrong with monogrammed cufflinks, you should avoid cufflinks with gemstones or flashy links. 


    Blazer Buttons


    Another type of men's jewellery you can check out is blazer buttons. When you purchase a blazer, it usually comes with a basic brass button. However, you can choose to upgrade them to gold or silver buttons. This goal is to distinguish your blazers from others by adding these buttons.


    Lapel Pins


    Lapel bins are another form of men's minimalist jewellery and could be ornamental or collectible. Lapel pins have been around forever. Men wore it in the past to show loyalty to a specific group. However, it is a popular jewellery today that comes in different colors and shapes and even offers different meanings.




    This is a form of men's jewellery that requires piercing. Earrings have developed a wider appeal over the years, with many people wearing an earring. The benefit of an earring is that you can easily take it off when going into a professional setting.


    Tips on How to Style jewellery for Men


    Now that we've established that men wear jewellery and the types of jewellery you could explore, you should know the rules to wear jewellery. But, of course, there is a right and wrong way to do it; that's why we'll provide you with crucial tips on how to style jewellery as a man. 


    Wear jewellery with Confidence


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    This is a common mistake that most people make. They don't wear jewellery because they're not confident about how it makes them look. The best way to get over this is to visit department stores and try some men's jewellery. It will help you get used to how jewellery makes you look. Most salespersons at jewellery stores understand their products and can tell you the best pieces to start with.

    If you're experimenting, start with clean pieces. For example, you could easily get overwhelmed if you begin with ornamental bracelets and rings. However, By starting simple, you can advance to more elaborate jewellery pieces.


    Pay Attention to Your Environment


    Another tip to remember when styling men's jewellery is to pay attention to your environment. The jewellery you're wearing must be appropriate for the situation. In addition, there are general conventions you need to follow. For example, when going to a funeral, the outfits worn are not to get attention. Therefore, it needs to be subtle to remain respectful. Likewise, if you're styling jewellery for work or interviews, it needs to be modest so that you don't appear unprofessional. 


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    Do not Over-Accessorize


    There is a concept known as too much jewellery. Most people believe that although jewellery is the last thing you put on, it is usually the first thing people see. Therefore, you have to accessorize appropriately with your outfit. Your jewellery shouldn't overpower your clothes. Instead, it needs to complement your look. The type of outfit you wear also determines the kind of men's jewellery you should wear and the acceptable amount. An example is when wearing a suit. In such a case, the best option is to wear men's minimalist jewellery.


    Ensure You Wear Balanced jewellery


    Unbalanced jewellery is right next to over-accessorizing on the list of things you shouldn't do when styling men's jewellery. Unbalanced jewellery can draw too much attention to that part of the body. An example is when styling men's necklaces. Some guys tend to wear two or more necklaces on top of each other. 

    This throws off your entire look because it draws focus to the jewellery without anyone paying attention to the entire feet. In addition, stacking men's chains tens to crowd the neckline. You should also consider how you wear bracelets for men. If you like small watches, don't wear huge bracelets on the other hand as it makes them look uneven. Finally, mixing the metals is another mistake that messes up the balance when styling. Instead, try to keep the metals the same.


    Choose the Ideal jewellery Piece for Your Skin Tone


    Everyone has undertones in their skin that goes perfectly with certain textiles and metals. Therefore, you must pick men's jewellery that goes perfectly with your skin. One way to find out your skin tone is to look at your skin in natural light and find where your veins are noticeable. 

    Once you determine your skin tone, it's easier to match the ideal metal to your skin. For example, light metals are suitable for cool skin tones. Therefore, when you're cool-skinned, you should always opt for platinum, white gold, or silver. On the other hand, for warm skin tones, yellow metals work excellently. Therefore, options like men's gold bracelets and gold cufflinks are ideal for you. 

    Colors that are great for warm-skin-toned men are yellow gold, brass, and rose gold. For neutral skin tones, white and yellow metals work perfectly. 


    Wear the Right Proportion


    If you're over six feet and have a body weight of over 250lbs., you should wear hair-thin bracelets that could cut your wrist. On the other hand, when you're lanky, a 50mm bezel is probably not the best choice for you. Size matters when you're styling jewellery. There's no hard rule to follow, but some guidelines to follow include:

    • When styling men's necklaces, a wider neck requires a longer necklace. 
    • Wide wrists should also go for men's bracelets or a man's watch that's larger
    • Large hands also look good with big rings because small rings could get lost on the finger
    • Undersized guys should always go for thinner and smaller pieces of jewellery


    Are Necklaces Attractive on Guys?


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    Fine jewellery will always be at the top of the list of things humans find appealing. Different designs are available, and at the end of the day, the taste determines if the necklace would look attractive. For example, a stylish men's necklace would look appealing on a man. Even when tucked beneath a shirt, unbuttoning the shirt to reveal it can bring an air of sexiness and sophistication.


    Are Men's Necklaces in Style?


    The simple answer to that is yes. Men's necklaces are becoming even more acceptable as people quickly realize that a simple men's chain or bracelet can be a stylish addition to any outfit. In addition, there's been a continuous growth in interest in men's jewellery, especially amongst the younger millennials and Gen Zs. Therefore, men's necklaces are in style and have recently been present in many runway shows. 


    How Many Necklaces Should a Man Wear


    A tip to knowing the amount of acceptable jewellery is that jewellery tends to draw attention to itself. This is because they're primarily reflective. Therefore, less is always more, and when people start to refer to it as bling, it indicates that you might be wearing too much jewellery. Also, although men can wear more than one necklace, it shouldn't be more than 2 or 3, and you should always wear different lengths.


    How Many Pieces of jewellery Should You Wear at Once


    Minimalist men's jewellery is always appropriate for any occasion. Therefore, while you can wear more than one or two pieces of jewellery, you can only have one loud or signature piece. Ensure you keep the rest toned down. In terms of rings, a wedding band and maybe one more ring is appropriate, and it should be on the opposite hand. Three pieces of jewellery are more than enough to wear when styling your jewellery. 


    Final Thoughts


    Men's jewellery works to enhance the look of any man. It increases your appeal and can add an air of sophistication to any man. However, it is essential to know how to style jewellery for men before wearing it. This article provides you with various types of jewellery and tips on how you can style jewellery as a guy. Follow these tips, and you should be just fine. Feel free to experiment till you find the right jewellery pieces for you. You can't go wrong if you stick to classic and simple pieces.