Mens Bracelet - A New Norm in Fashion

Jewellery has always been associated with women. The first few pages that show on Google when you type "Jewellery" are mostly women's jewellery. When we think of men, the first accessory that comes to mind is a watch. A nice watch adds personality, class and style to a man.

But, men's jewellery has been around for quite a while now. Out of all the jewellery items like earrings, rings, a necklace etc., bracelets are the most popular.

Men's jewellery - Accessories with style

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Many people are unable to decide which bracelet to go for. If you search properly, the market is full of options. Different materials like leather, metal, gold and silver are used to make bracelets.

The best thing about 2022 is that everything is in. The year is all about being comfortable in your skin. Whatever you like, wear it, own it and flaunt it!

The Watch and Bracelet Combo - Class and Style Hand in Hand

A watch looks classy on men. A bracelet lets men express their style. Combine them together to get a custom-made design. The two complement each other really well to make a set that looks smart.

Even though it seems very easy to do, it is very tricky. If you don't pair them right, you may end up with something that does not look good. The preferable hand on which to wear a bracelet is the non-dominant hand.

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Don't worry! We are here to help you.

Which Material to Choose?

It is important to go with the right material. Shopping for bracelets is not easy. Based on your liking, there are many pieces available in the market.

You can find beaded ones, chain ones and many other styles. Many brands have beaded watches. Now, you can shop in style. We prefer white gold bracelets over the sterling silver bracelet, as it is going to last you a long time and will not rust or turn black with time.


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If you don't want to invest in multiple high-end brands, you can always come up with unique looks by styling products together if you purchase a timeless gold chain bracelet


Tips for Wearing your Gold bracelets with a Watch


Do you want to look cool and different? Everyone has their unique style. Follow these tips to add a dash of style to your personality just by adding a bracelet to your look. After all, it is important to know what is trending and what isn't, right?

1. Wear them separately

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If you want to play safe, wear a bracelet and the watch separately. A general rule is that men wear a watch in their left hand and women wear the watch in their right hand. There is no strict order, but that is the norm. 


2. Combine them

The latest trend is to wear the watch and bracelet on the same hand. There is no right way to do so. The trick is not to overdo it. To get the best results, keep to one or a maximum of two bracelets.

Again, it is a personal choice and if done right, a stack of bracelets looks cool with a watch. You can sort them any way you like


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3. Keep it to an arm

Simplicity is the key. Just like it is recommended to wear the minimum number of bracelets with a watch, it is also recommended to keep it to an arm.

4. Match the materials

Mix and match can be fun. But when it comes to men's jewellery, it is a risk not worth taking. All the modern connections have matching materials for their watches and bracelets. If you have white gold chains, go for a white gold bracelet. The materials need to match.

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5. Color Pallet

The bracelet you wear should preferably be the same color as the details of your watch. An abrupt color change between the bracelet and the watch would require more styling experience. You can go with the same tones and hues to facilitate the mixing of the accessories.

If the watch is silver metallic, go for a white gold bracelet. If the watch has yellow details, the major colors in the bracelet should be yellow gold.


Where Should you Wear a Bracelet?

This depends on the material and type of both the watch and bracelet. If you have a very thin, compact and simple bracelet, you can wear it on top or below the watch.

For men who like to wear loose watches, wearing the bracelet on top of the watch can help keep the watch in place.

Again, it is a personal choice and there is no hard and fast rule regarding it.


Styles for Different Occasions

For a formal occasion, make a statement by pairing a luxury watch with a solid gold bracelet. If you have a sleek watch, go for a white gold bracelet, the material of most necklaces will match your other details.

If you are going on a date or a night out, keep it light. You will want something that is comfortable and does not seem like a burden on your wrist. A watch with a good-quality bracelet will do the trick.


How many bracelets are too many?

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Keeping things simple is the key! When going shopping, pay more interest to the collection rather than the brand name. A lot of brands have different options for men, but choosing what suits your personal taste the best is the one question to keep in mind.

The truth is that an acceptable number of bracelets to wear depends on the size of your watch and bracelet. If you have a broad watch, you should pair it with thin bracelets. You can add 2 or 3 as per your liking.

For a slimmer watch, go for a broad bracelet or stack a few dainty slimmer gold bracelets on top of it.

The key to finding the perfect balance is experimenting. Only when you experiment with your looks do you find your fashion style.

Do you know what the best thing about these tips is? You can follow them or you can come up with something of your own! The end line is that you should be comfortable flaunting what you are wearing. Confidence is the key to carrying a fashion.

Who knows, you might end up being a trendsetter with your style rather than a trend follower!