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by Veronica Varetta |

Since ancient times, jewels have represented strength and virtue and it may seem strange to you, but the first use of rings and precious stones is associated with men who used them to show off their vanity and demonstrate their value. 

It was only later that women took their cue from the beauty of these precious stones and started using them to embellish their look. 

Until the 18th century there was no clear distinction between male and female jewelry and history is a witness to this, just think of the Czars of Russia or the English lords. Over the years, however, the world of jewelry has expanded, creating models that could satisfy all tastes, from the most sporty to the most elegant and in some cases no-gender models (making the use of the past resurface). 

On various red carpets, like The Grammys and various Music Award Shows we are used to seeing the big names in film, music and entertainment wear jewelry to complete the look of the evening, regardless of gender. These are occasions of great importance, where the spotlight is shining on these people and where a piece of jewelry can only stand out at its best. 

These events are an incredible showcase for anyone and are able to imprint on the minds of spectators an image that can be replicated or reinterpreted in turn, thus creating a real trend. 

LIL Milan was definitely born with a vision more related to the female world, but I assure you that over the years I have received many requests from a male audience and I have not shied away from creating sizes, designs and shapes that could satisfy them too. 

We often think of gold bracelets or minimal necklaces for men, but it often happens that you want to dare a little more, by wearing jewelry that is more special and out of the ordinary. Such as the Balmylicious XXL necklace, made of river pearls and whose design goes well even on a male neck, or Libido, a necklace made of irregular river pearls with a summer flavour but also perfect combined with a sweater in winter. Pearls are definitely a trend in 2022. 

As for the rings, the models of LIL Milan that are most appreciated by a male audience are the rigid wedding bands or rings in soft mesh, below is a series of products that are real trends in 2022: 

Rocky Ring: 18 kt yellow or white gold wedding band. It has a solid and robust shape and is perfect to wear on any occasion, from the most formal to the most informal. This gold ring can be engraved internally with a date of a special day or the name of a loved one. 

Nude: soft link ring in 18kt yellow or white gold. Soft mesh rings are a great classic from LIL Milan, and the beauty is in being able to wear so many at once. Nude is formed by microspheres and is characterized by a unique brightness. Among the various models, it is the one that the male audience undoubtedly prefers. 

Blink: ring in 9kt yellow gold. This thin ring is formed by a light but very solid chain and is also made in the white gold version. The collection of LIL Milan, also includes a necklace version called Blink XXL, a choker with a modern and strong taste, often appreciated by men and women. 

Earcuffs have also become very popular jewelry and we have seen them worn by stars around the world in simpler but also more impressive and elaborate versions. 

In LIL Milan's collection, the most appreciated models are TipTapGalaxy and Rocky Earcuff. 

These are the gold earcuffs that meet the needs of many customers who are looking for an earring without a hole that they can wear whenever and however they want. 

You can visit our website and discover the whole collection. 

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