Best tips for stacking bracelets like a pro (a step-to-step guide)

Are you a lover of jewellery? Do you wish to stack your bracelets like a pro? Have you ever gotten a new bracelet and been totally stumped on how to stack it? Or maybe you're just looking for a way to make your current collection of bracelets look even more amazing. Either way, you're in luck: we've got the best tips for stacking bracelets like a pro!


These days, you can find the trend of new and latest bracelets made from different materials, from gold to sterling silver, plastic to wood, metal to leather, and they come in all shapes and sizes. The most popular type of collection of bracelets is probably the link bracelet; it's a chain of links with a clasp at one end. These kinds of bracelets are especially popular with people who like to wear jewellery and even wristwatches because the links can be worn over the watch face, including the apple watch, so that it doesn't get scratched up by the clasp. We're here to help you figure out how to stack your bracelets like a pro in 2022 and make them look effortless.

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How to stack bracelets


In 2022, most people don't know how to stack bracelets properly. They end up with a mishmash of knots and clasps that make their arm look ridiculous. And sometimes they even lose their bracelets because they don't know how to tie them on. But it doesn't have to be that way! You don't have to be the world's most coordinated person—you just need a few simple tips and tricks! You can stack bracelets in many ways, but here are three of our favorite ways of stacking bracelets.

  1. Size. Stack your bracelets so their largest beads are at the top of your wrist and the smallest is at the bottom. This way, every time you look down at your wrist, you'll see more of each bead as you move down your arm.

  2. Color scheme. Choose one color scheme for all your bracelets (you can mix and match colors within the same family) and then stack them from darkest to lightest or vice versa. This creates a visual effect where each bracelet stack seems to fade into the next one, creating a cohesive look that looks great on any wrist!

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  3. “The rainbow." This method is perfect for those who love bright colors but don't want to overwhelm themselves with too much color at once! Start with just one bracelet—the most colorful one—and then add another one that's just slightly less.
  4. Thickness. It's crucial to ensure the bracelet stacks have the same thickness. If you have thinner bracelets, you'll want to pair them with thicker ones so that they don't slip around on your wrist when you move around during the day.

The best thing about stacking bracelets is that there are no rules! You can make up whatever pattern you want and wear it with any jewellery if you mind. However, you feel it looks best on your wrist. It's totally up to you!


How to stack bracelets with an apple watch


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If you love stacking bracelets, but have an Apple Watch that you're a little worried about them clashing with, don't worry! You can still wear your bracelet stack and keep your Apple Watch in place.

  • Before layering bracelets, make sure to get a band that's compatible with your wrist size. If you're unsure which size you need, you can go to the Apple Store and try on new different bands until you find one that fits comfortably.
  • Pick out some bracelet stacks that will go well with your watchband—you can choose different colors if you want! Make sure you have the right length of bracelet for your watch. The best thing to do is to measure your wrist with a measuring tape or a piece of string and then compare that measurement with the dimensions of the bracelet you want to stack.
  • Then, put each bracelet one at a time to overlap in the center by about half an inch. This will help ensure that they don't fall off or slide around too much during wear. It also looks cool when you do it this way! You can start by putting on the first bracelet and then slide it down over the watch face until it's snug against your skin (but not so tight that it hurts). Then, add the second piece of the bracelet and do the same. Ensure each bracelet stack has enough room for movement, so they don't scratch up against each other or get caught on anything else while worn.


 Finally, put on your apple watch and adjust as needed so that it sits comfortably on top of all other bracelet stacks being worn at once (this may take some fine-tuning). Once it is appropriately adjusted for comfort and style, enjoy it all day long!

How to stack bracelets with a watch


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  1. Remove the bracelet from your wrist and place it on a flat surface with the clasp facing up. If you're using a double-clasp bracelet, remove both grips.
  2. Adjust the size of your watch band by sliding out one or both of the pins on either side of the band until they align with the holes on your watch face. You may need to do this to fit all of your bracelets.
  3. Place your second bracelet stack over the top of your first bracelet stack so that both clasps are at the same end of their respective bands, and then align them so that their clasp holes match up as well (if applicable). If necessary, use a pair of tweezers or needle-nose pliers to adjust the placement of each clasp so that it lines up perfectly before securing them together with a small jump ring (or other small jewellery tools).
  4. Secure both clasps onto their respective bands by sliding back in two identical pins (one per side) into corresponding holes on each band until the bracelet stacks click into place; repeat this step if necessary until they're snugly fastened together.


What arm do you wear a watch on


The answer is simple. If you're right-handed, it's best to wear it on your left wrist. If you're left-handed, it's best to wear it on your right wrist. Why? Because if you wear a watch on your non-dominant hand (the opposite side of where you write), then there is less chance of accidentally knocking into things or bumping into people while wearing it.

If you are ambidextrous (or just love wearing watches), feel free to wear one on both wrists.


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 Always wear the right one or two bracelet stacks that layer well and enhance your outfit. The most crucial touch when stacking bracelets is color coordination. Be in sync with what you are wearing, and be prepared to change the bracelet if the event or occasion requires it. No matter the bracelet materials, whether it is metal, gold, or any other materials, they look good with any outfit; and they match any regular outfit and company. They are easy to layer, and you can't help but love them!