How it all began
A part of it

about us

Once upon a time

LIL is a young Italian brand founded
by Veronica Varetta (VV) in 2014.

While she was studying Economics and Art at Cattolica University in Milan, with only baby-sitting money in her pockets she couldn’t find any jewelry that would fit her taste and her price point.

She had a very clear idea of the kind of jewelry she wanted: solid gold + essential designs.

Something to wear in the everyday life. Just like a tattoo.

It had to be





Reliable as


The process

Veronica started sketching jewels by herself. The first designs ever created were 3D ring and Ring Necklace, and she was looking for a goldsmith in Milan who could make them for her. This is how it all started.

The craftsmanship

Each jewel is handmade in Milan in 9 or 18 karat of solid gold. Passion for goldsmith craftsmanship and love for beautiful things still are the two main drives of the brand.

The founder

VV was born in Milan in 1992 and she is now living in her hometown. She loves challenges and pushing herself to think out of the box.

The team

She is not alone though: the amazing team of #LILGirls includes: Beatrice Zanaboni, Beatrice Burni, Carlotta Trentin Carolina Molossi, Maria Laura Putti and Martina Monselli.


We love to give back. Every year we get involved with no profit projects that are close to us and to our community.

Our goal

Over the years we have been donating a part of our sales to no profit projects. We always try to choose no profit associations that count on our help and really try to make the difference in their field. One of the very first donations has been to Cerchi d'Acqua, an anti violence center which in more than twenty years of activity has been addressing almost 12.000 violence-related cases. Cerchi d’Acqua believes that every woman has the strength to exit the awful situation she is living in.

Then we supported Marevivo, a no profit organization committed to clean Italian beaches. Together with you, we chose and adopted our favorite beach for its protection.
Not to mention the donations that we have been doing over the years to Fondazione Giacomo Ponzone, Ospedale Policlinico di Milano, ESA, IEO Monzino and Hard in the Paint.

Over the years we have donated more than 15.000€ to no profit associations:










Fondazione Giacomo Ponzone

Supports clinic research at monzino hospital

Cerchi d'acqua

Supports women against violence since 2000

Ospedale maggiore Policlinico

Donation for covid-19 pandemic


Tech start up that protects beehives and our ecosystem


Since 1985 helps to keep our beaches and oceans free from plastic

IEO Monzino

Donation for cancer research during charity dinner


Donation to support breast cancer research

Hard in the paint

Refurbishing basketball court in suburb of Milan


Offers concrete supports, throughout Italy there are 100 PuntiViola where women can feel safe and take refuge if they feel in danger.

Thanks for your purchases, we are glad to have you in our community.

Making jewelry just for the sake of it has never been enough. The team and I wish to contribute in any possible way to help our community by donating part of our profit to no profit organizations.

Thank you