Pop up @ Rinascente Milano / October 2019

WHAT: LIL Pop Up Store

WHO: Everyone

WHEN: From October 8th to December 24th 2019

WHERE: Rinascente Milano

WHY: To give you a full look of what LIL is about

LIL Pop Up Store was launched on Tuesday October 8th 2019 at Rinascente Milano, the millennial department store in the heart of Milan next to the Cathedral.

For this happening VV, founder of LIL, decided to showcase the jewelry collection in an unusual yet innovative way. Far from the classic jewelry display cases she opted for a set up by Nilufar Gallery. VV picked the Triple Pyramid library designed by the Belgian artist Bram Vanderbeke and the French artist Wendy Andreu. Triple Pyramid is made of aluminium and characterized by a laser cut design. To enhance the space furthermore the ML1.2 chair by Massimiliano Locatelli.

The jewelry collection is showcased on clear plexiglass displays to acquire a floating effect. The display enables the visitor to enjoy a 360° view thus discovering each piece just walking around the library.

Thinking outside the box is one of LIL’s main strengths - proposing always something different and ahead of time.

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