LILtram / December 2018



WHEN: Christmas 2018

WHERE: Milan

WHY: Why not?

LILtram: a gold tram strolling around the city - where the brand was conceived - to add a special sparkle. What’s Boys Tears? Boys Tears is LIL's best selling choker (check it out here) and it was the slogan chosen for this special project.

Why didn’t we decide to showcase jewelry but a text saying ‘BOYS TEARS’? To intrigue people walking on the street (and because it would have been too obvious).

The black tag ‘LIL_MILAN’ placed on ‘BOYS TEARS’ recalls the digital world of Instagram’s tagged pictures. The goal was to connect the offline world with the digital one through a contest: take a picture of LILtram and be the lucky one to win a solid gold choker.

LILtram’s concept was conceived one day in the office when VV, LIL’s CEO and founder, was day dreaming about making a gold tram for the Christmas month. And then…voilà! In a blink of an eye it became reality.

The tram went around the city of Milan for one month: from November 15th 2018 to December 15th 2018.

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