Bøøbs by LIL / Cerchi d'Acqua

WHAT: Bøøbs

WHO: For feminine, ironic and sexy women that want to make the difference.

WHEN: May 18th 2020

WHERE: Online

WHY: To help women get out of violence-related situations.


Feminine, ironic and sexy. With a philanthropic twist.

Bøøbs is the latest amulet by LIL. Yes, you got it right. The milanese jewelry brand launched a pendant that emphasizes women’s curves. A tiny string of gold outlines the shape of a breast, to keep close to your heart.

Why? To keep in mind that our sensible side is not a con but a pro. Perseverance and strength are within us, it’s just about believing in ourselves and reaching out to one another.

This is the reason why LIL’s founder and CEO, Veronica Varetta, decided to donate 10% of Bøøbs’s sales to Cerchi d’Acqua, an anti violence center which in twenty years of activity has been addressing almost 12.000 violence-related cases. Cerchi d’Acqua believes that every woman has the strength to exit the awful situation she is living in.

Why this decision? Because violence against women occurs throughout society, involving men and women of all ages, social background, and level of education. Despite conventional wisdom, gender violence is a cultural problem deeply rooted in our society.

A few data? According to the World Health Organization in Italy, and all over the world, 1 out of 3 women has been the target of some form of physical or sexual violence at least once in her life.

This is the why - states the CEO of the Italian brand - “it's our duty to stand besides who everyday fight to trigger a social and cultural change”.

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Amazing, if you interpret the boobs Like the spring of Life for a child!

Regina Masaracchia October 27, 2022

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