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Nude Chocker - a must have. Nude Choker’s sparkle will make you feel magic, we promise!

Nude Choker is the first choker by LIL - we felt like we needed something sparkly but low key, something to wear everyday as a tattoo. 

The 18kt gold chain has a special diamond cut effect that makes it unique. The 18kt gold clasp closes into a special 9kt gold star shaped circle. 

Nude Choker is perfect to wear in the day time with a t-shirt but also in the night time with an elegant cocktail dress.

*Please note that this is a delicate choker, we suggest to keep it always on and if you are not wearing it, close the choker and hang it in the LILbox. 

Details: 33 cm or 35 cm

Available in: 18kt gold with star pendant in 9kt gold || Handcrafted in Italy

Gifts? Add Luxury Pack for special occasion only!

YES, Please!

If your size is sold out or if you want to custom order one, please send a LIL message to the Team here!