WHAT: Viola

WHO: Viola, amethyst is the feminine stone par excellence: symbol of self control, humanity, time and care

WHEN: June 8th 2023

WHERE: Online

WHY: In collaboration with DONNEXSTRADA, to help every woman who doesn't feel safe

Viola is the amulet resulting from the collaboration between LIL Milan and DONNE X STRADA.
A fresh water pearl and an amethyst.
Amethyst is the feminine stone par excellence: a symbol of temperance and humanity, of time and care.
A pendant to have close to you at all times to infuse our being women with energy.

LIL Milan’s founder and CEO, Veronica Varetta, decided to donate 10% of Viola's sales to DONNEXSTRADA.

What is DONNEXSTRADA? DONNEXSTRADA is an association that is doing a lot for women. DONNEXSTRADA is an association which offers tangible support to victims of gender based violence, while also providing the tools to prevent it from happening again. Claiming the fundamental and inalienable right to return home in safety, building an active network on social media and in the area to promote concrete collective participation, re-educating society against gender-based violence and psychologically supporting anyone who suffers discrimination.

DONNEXSTRADA offers concrete supports, such as psychological, legal, nutritional and gynecological support. Furthermore, throughout Italy there are already 100 PuntiViola where women can feel safe and take refuge if they feel in danger.

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