Skin to Skin, A Contatto Experience

WHAT: Skin to Skin event
WHO: LIL Team + Boys Tears Club members.
WHEN: November 15/16
WHY: To provide a unique experience for our customers and be able to get to know them.

Skin to Skin, A Contatto Experience that is, a special evening spent together savoring the flavors created by food designer Giulia Soldati.

In the magical atmosphere of LIL House we savored the flavors made by Julia without the use of cutlery. 

Senses involved: all 5 of them.

Contact Experience asked us to push the boundaries of the comfort zone.

By removing the "barrier" between the materiality of food and our bodies usually created by plates and cutlery, this unique dining experience took us to another level of engagement in relation to food, our bodies, emotions and senses.

Thanks to the beautiful glasses by Talea Studio and the challah bread made by Pane di Davide Longoni LIL House became a magical place.

We want to thank all our participants who made the evenings special.


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