Here’s a quick and easy to read guide to become a diamond specialist (and to understand a little more about  the quality of the diamonds you are purchasing). 

Diamonds are categorized by 4 elements, these elements are called the “Four Cs”:

  1. COLOR
  3. CUT

1. COLOR is a fundamental element of diamond quality. 

Keep this in mind: the whiter the better. 

The more the diamond is colorless, the more it is rare and, thus, valuable. 

All diamonds are rated from on a scale from D to H, in descending order. 

LIL’s diamonds are certified to be top quality, colorless or nearly colorless

FUN FACT: many diamonds appear colorless but most stones have a color slightly veering towards yellow or brown tinges.

2. CLARITY is the element that reflects the presence of small imperfections in the structure of the diamond. 

Each diamond is examined through a microscope and is classified through this scale: 

FUN FACT: Diamonds are formed deep within the earth under heat and pressure, this is the reason why all diamonds contain small imperfections inside their structure. It’s part of the beauty of nature (to us)! 

3. CUT aka the symmetry, proportion and polish of a diamond. Cut affects its brilliance (and we all love the sparkle).

The Brilliant (which is the cut LIL uses mostly) cut must have 58 perfectly aligned facets (57 if the culet is not faceted). 

The most common cut is the round cut but there are many more such as princess, marquise, oval, pear, heart and emerald.

4. CARAT WEIGHT - it’s the number you see on each product page of jewels with diamonds and it indicates the unit of mass used for measuring diamonds. The value of a diamond is proportional to its size. 

However, color + clarity + cut are equally important in determining the value of the gem. 


Each jewel with diamonds or sapphires is sold with a certificates that indicates: carat, color, clarity and that each jewel is handmade in 18k solid gold (750/1000). 

Each jewel is quality branded, look for the logo ‘LIL’ laser engraved. 

Diamond Guide


At LIL, we understand that you care where their diamonds come from, and we share that concern with you. Every diamond we sell is certified conflict-free in compliance with, the Kimberley Process resolutions.