LIL is a young Italian brand founded by Veronica Varetta (VV) in 2014.

While she was studying Economics and Art at Cattolica University in Milan, with only baby-sitting money in her pockets she couldn’t find any jewelry that would fit her taste and her price point. She had a very clear idea of the kind of jewelry she wanted: solid gold + essential designs + something to wear in the everyday life.

Just like a tattoo.

So she started sketching jewels by herself- the first designs ever created were 3D ring and Ring Necklace - and looking for a goldsmith in Milan who could make them for her. This is how it started.

Each jewel is handmade in Milan in 9 or 18 karat of solid gold. Passion for goldsmith craftsmanship and love for beautiful things still are the two main drives.

VV was born in Milan in 1992 and she is now living in her hometown. She loves challenges and pushing herself to think out of the box.

She is not alone though: the amazing team of #LILGirls includes: Carolina Molossi, Beatrice Zanaboni, Giorgia Pagano, Martina Monselli and Carlotta Trentin.