Ring Sizer

Doubts about your ring size?

☆ For any purchase you can select a ring sizer for free.

Ring Sizer is available with free shipping for National orders only. Final sale no exchange.

If you are not ready to place an order you can buy your LIL Ring Sizer here. The cost (5 €) will be refunded with your next purchase. You will receive an email with your discount code.

☆The code will be applied only for 'Rings' Category, except for Planet, Pills, Popcorn ring and LIL Sets.

LIL Ring Sizer will help you understand what’s your ring size for each finger. We are glad to send it to you so you can easily measure your size at home. It’s highly suggested to casually leave it under the eyes of boyfriends, parents and friends…just in case!

How to use? Wrap the plastic ring sizer around your finger, it should fit comfortably. Then check out the number in the lens. Then consult our International Size chart: the CIRCUMFERENCE column will represent the numbers that you see on LIL Ring Sizer, while the LIL/IT column represents the sizes that you can select on our LIL Shop. You can use it infinite times.

You can also download our Ring Size Chart and follow the instruction.

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Ring Sizer

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☆ For any purchase you can select a ring sizer for free.

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