Ultimate guide into pearl styling. Rock wearing pearls

Whether you’re attending a gala or just brunch with the friends, pearls are always a chic and elegant addition to any outfit. But if you’re not used to wearing them, they can also be a bit daunting. How do you style them? What goes with pearls? 

Never fear, we’re here to help with our ultimate guide into pearl styling. After reading this, you’ll be a pro at picking out the perfect freshwater & saltwater pearl accessories for any occasion.


How to style pearls for work? 

Depending on where you work and what you do, these questions can be answered differently or have been answered by your dress code. Nevertheless, you still have time to wear pearls on Casual Fridays (Wednesdays, everything that implies for you!) 

For those who do not have strict dress codes guidelines, we offer to go bold and take inspiration from fashionistas all around Instagram. Our statement pearl necklace Libido is perfect for this purpose. 

Layer it up with other elegant pearl necklaces and solid gold chains to get that WOW effect from your fellow colleagues. To get this look you do not need to get a lot of room around your neck, you can wear it with a button-up shirt or with a turtleneck sweater.  Plus, we do not advise you to wear bold earrings or bracelets with this look, as it would be too much. 

Harry Styles with pearl necklace, styling pearls for men, button up shirt with pearls

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If you want to be on the safer side, but still playful, mix up pearls with gold only, use 2-3 gold or pearl threads or chokers. If your necklaces are short enough, then you can pull that look with any outfit, unless it is not a turtleneck. You want to show your jewellery, right?

ways to style pearls to work, pearl necklace stacking with solid gold chains, Lil Milan

If you have decided to wear a turtleneck to work, then just choose a bold pearl necklace and wear it alone.


wearing pearl necklace with turtleneck, styling statement pearl necklace

If you have a dress code and need to be on the safer side with your pearl choice, then we recommend looking at pearl earrings. You are never wrong with hoops, but here to be exact we tone down to huggies, a smaller but chunkier version of the classic hoop earrings adorned with oval classic white pearls. 

huggie solid gold earrings for women, gold hoop earrings with pearls, Lil Milan

Styling pearls for the data or a night out? Yes, please!

For a special event such as a party, date, night out with girlfriends/boyfriends, pearls can be the ultimate accessory, as they have their meaning as well. A lot of modern women & men tend to play around with these elegant gems. So this is what we offer you to do as well. 

Depending on your overall looks, pearls can participate in different roles: pearl necklace, pearl choker, pearl earring, bracelet, or an anklet? You name it, you can wear it! 

To complete the look with an elegant silky dress or silky shirt, you can go in two directions: 

  • Adding elegant pearl thread
  • Creating a bit of an edge with statement pearl necklace 


maneskin with pearl necklaces, men pearl necklace

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Elegant pearls are very difficult to style badly, but you never know. So for an elegant night out look with pearls, we recommend choosing the small pearls necklaces  or solid gold bracelets with pearls 


dainty pearl bracelet with solid gold, Lil Milan

With these two options, you will always look super stylish! Small pearls and thin solid gold chains will accentuate your neck or wrist and complete the look with your outfit 

In case you prefer to stand out in the crowd, then we have a bold pearl choker for you to try. In fact, pearl chokers are very trendy now, cause they sit close to the neck, but the look is mindblowing with numerous outfits! 


statement pearl necklace for women, ways to style statement pearl choker

To give you more inspiration for special event, you can combine the solid gold necklaces with pearl bracelets (but with bigger pearls) and mix them up with the rings.

pearl bracelet styled with solid gold rings and necklaces, Lil Milan solid gold jewelry

Wearing pearls on vacation? Why not!


Sami Slimani, pearl necklace for men, mens pearl necklaces, styling pearl neckalces for men

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From our recommendations on caring about pearls, you might have read that sun, heat, sweat and sand are not the best friends, but it depends on the quality of your pearls. Our summer collection is created from pearls mostly to be worn on the beach or by the pool. 


Of course, going swimming or diving with pearls or any other jewellery is not a good idea, due to general safety recommendations. 

So for your vacation, you can wear all of the aforementioned jewellery pieces, but for summer vacation 2022, we would recommend you take a closer look at pearl anklets & pearl chockers. Those are always a good idea, cause you do not have a lot of opportunities to wear them in the city. 


mens pearl choker, styling pearls for men

You can style your anklets differently, you can wear multiple colors and styles at the same time. Check out our bold pearl anklet that reminds corals and oyster shells. This is our favorite beach accessory! 

summer 2022 jewelry trends, styling pearls to the beach, pearl anklet for women

A classic white pearl tread anklet with a pop of gold is the perfect choice for an evening stroll by the sea, ocean, or in the host city (check what applies) will enhance and upgrade your look. 


elegant pearl anklet, summer 2022 jewelry trends

When not to wear pearls? 


You might be asking yourself, is that okay to wear pearls every day? Our immediate answer is YES! In fact, we encourage you to wear pearls daily, as they will make you look and feel more elegant and feminine. 

bold pearl necklace for men, mens pearl choker

There is one more benefit of wearing pearls every day (or every other day), it helps them shine! Pearls are considered one of the most beautiful gems, but they can be delicate. If you don't wear your pearls every four months or so (to keep them moisturized), then their surface will dry out and become dull in coloration due to a lack of luster oils from skin contact with natural minerals found within pearls surfaces.

It’s time to start wearing pearls in your everyday life! We hope this guide has helped you see the endless possibilities for styling pearls. Whether you are dressing up for work or a special event, or just want to add a touch of elegance to your everyday look, pearls will always make you feel beautiful and confident. So go out and buy yourself some gorgeous new pearl jewellery, and rock those pearls with pride!