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WHAT: St.Valentine's gift guide

WHO: Who's in love 

WHEN: St.Valentine's day


WHY: To gift your partner or yourself


No matter if you are in a relationship or happily single - love can be everywhere and especially with ourselves too.

LIL Milan wants to share a list of jewels that can be perfect for you both:

Baby Glow Bracelet: it can be considered as the most sparkling bracelet of the entire collection and it’s greatly appreciated by women of all ages. It’s classic but charming and eccentric at the same time.The WOW effect is 100% guaranteed.

Curvy: it seems there are 2 earrings but it’s just 1! Yes, Curvy has a rounded structure that is perfect if you don’t have the second hole but you want a double hoop effect on your ear anyway. It’s funny and delicate, moreover the second hoop is decorated with white zircons.

Blink XXL: it’s a chain design necklace. It’s strong and bold and it can be embellished with different amulets too. It can symbolise a strong relationship or a strong bond with ourselves - it’s up to you to decide :)

Firefly: white or yellow gold ring? No drama, you can have both with Firefly. It’s also perfect for self-gifting and can be combined with rings of different colours and styles.

Honey Choker: the queen of necklaces. Its structure resembles a beehive and it looks precious and stylish. No size needed because Honey Choker has an extender which helps to fit any neck’s circumference. If you want to impress your partner or simply yourself, Honey Choker is the sweetest choice you can make.

Girls Tears: wanna make her cry (of happiness)? Trust us, Girls Tears is the best gift you can give - it’s a delicate and sparkling choker you can wear alone or with other necklaces. Girls Tears is the one you or your partner deserves, no doubts! 

Planet: Go big or go home, we like to say! Planet  is part of our Precious capsule and its timeless look fits anyone’s taste. It comes with diamonds or multicolour sapphires - it really depends on you and how you feel to wear it in your everyday life. It is the perfect ring to celebrate your personal kind of love!

LIL Milan loves to celebrate any kind of love and we hope you can make this day even more shining with us.


Download here and share some love!

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