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WHAT: Covid-19’s Donation

WHO: One of the historic hospitals in Milan, Policlinico di Milano

WHEN: March 2020

WHERE: Milan, Italy

WHY: To support hospitals during Covid-19’s pandemic crisis


In a such a difficult moment (an experience that we will not forget and tell our children about) I’m trying not to go into panic mode. It’s hard for everyone, I’m sure, but especially for a young business like LIL: panic is a luxury we can’t afford. We need to keep on going forward, every day, step by step, one brick at a time.

I’m scared everyday, it’s hard to carry on with future projects as if life was going on as usual. I’m scared of the future, I’m scared for the health of our loved ones and for the sake of our country. And of the entire world.

To contribute, even if in a small way, I decided to donate 10% of our online orders (until 3.31.2020) to Policlinico di Milano. We were able to donate more than 2000€ to one of the most ancient public hospitals in Italy so I’m very proud of us.

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