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Choklet Lab by LIL / February 2020

by Veronica Varetta |

WHAT: Choklet Lab by LIL

WHO: Everyone

WHEN: February 14th - 16th 2020

WHERE: Milan

WHY: To launch LIL’s Choklet Collection and explain to you, #LILgirls, the project.

What is Choklet?

It’s a choker, it’s a bracelet. Make it yours, truly.

Create your own composition, your own formula.

It’s whatever you want it to be.

Choklet Lab - The very first Pop Up Store by LIL in Milan.

When it comes to lighting an industrial space, some sparkle is required and gold is the key. Because nothing is casual to us and every detail is key. Each Choklet element has a number, every number has a meaning and of course a different design. You can play with them in order to create your own special formula. It’s like a made to measure game with no perfect formula.


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