August Birthstones

 August is indeed the eighth month of the year, and according to popular culture, it is the month most closely connected with love, happiness, and joy. In ancient times, people believed August was the best month to marry because it was the hottest. 

Many people still believe August is a great month to get married because so many happy events are happening during this time of year. These events include wedding anniversary celebrations, pool parties, and barbecues. There are 3 August birthstones: peridot, sardonyx and spinel. It is considered to protect the wearer from danger and offer good luck to whoever wears it.

The Origin Of August Birthstone 

 In the middle ages, many people believed that birthstones had power to ward off evil. Some stones were said to be sacred and had been used by pagans in religious ceremonies for centuries. The most popular stone is peridot. 

August's birthstone peridot, which is found in lava. It is believed to possess magical abilities and is said to be able to ward off evil spirits. Also, it is believed that individuals who wear it would be blessed with good fortune and luck. The peridot is found in various colors, but the most popular is green.

What Is August Birthstone?


The August birthstone is peridot. Peridot is olive green to a yellowish green gemstone. It is one of the few gemstones that forms in only one color. The gemstone is formed deep inside the Earth's mantle and brought to the surface by volcanoes. 

The early Egyptians believed that peridot was the tears of the sun god Ra. They used peridot as healing amulets and fertility symbols. The modern Egyptians still use peridot as amulets, and the gemstone remains a popular charm today for its beneficial properties.

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 The second August birthstone is sardonyx. Sardonyx is a banded form of onyx with bands of white and black. It was once used to make cameos, which are carved gemstones with relief images. 

The most famous cameo is the Great Cameo of France, which is a large sardonyx cameo depicting the Roman Emperor Claudius and his family. Sardonyx is still used today to make cameos and other carved gemstone jewellery.

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The third and final August birthstone is spinel. Spinel is a red, pink, or violet gemstone. It is often mistaken for ruby, but spinel is actually harder than ruby. Spinel was first discovered in Sri Lanka, and later found in many other locations around the world.

Spinel has a long history of being used as a gemstone. It was first mentioned in literature in the early 13th century, and was used by royalty throughout Europe. Today, spinel is still a popular gemstone for jewellery.

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What Color Is The Birthstone For August   

August is a month of change, with the arrival of summer and autumn departure. As such, it is considered a good time to update one's look, and choosing a new birthstone can be part of that.

 According to the National Association of Jewelers (NAJ)  the traditional colors for August's birthstones are green and pink.

These are the three august birthstones: 

  • Peridot is olive green to a yellowish green gemstone. It is one of the few gemstones that forms in only one color. The gemstone is formed deep inside the Earth's mantle and brought to the surface by volcanoes. 
  • Sardonyx is a banded form of onyx with bands of white and black. It was once used to make cameos, which are carved gemstones with relief images. 
  • Spinel is a red, pink, or violet gemstone. Spinel was first discovered in Sri Lanka, and later found in many other locations around the world.

 What Is The Name Of August Birthstone

The three august birthstones are peridot, spinel, and sardonyx. As it may be discovered in meteorites that have come from space and in the solidified lava that was brought in from deep inside the Earth's mantle, the peridot birthstone is noted for having been produced under severe circumstances. 

Red spinel was mistaken for rubies for millennia. Therefore the birthstone remained undervalued until lately as consumers hunt for ruby alternatives. The original August birthstone, sardonyx, has a more than 4,000-year-old tradition. 

Peridot Birthstone Meaning & History 

Peridot is a beautiful green gemstone that is most commonly associated with the month of August. But did you know that it has a long and interesting history?

The word "peridot" originates from the French word "peridot," which may be translated as "unclear" or "undefined." This is likely because early gemologists had a difficult time classifying it. It wasn't until the 18th century that it was officially declared a particular gemstone.

Peridot has been used as a gemstone for centuries. It was found in ancient Egyptian jewellery and was even mentioned in the Bible. In fact, many historians believe that the "emerald" mentioned in the Bible was actually a peridot.

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The most famous peridot jewellery piece is the Eye of the Serpent, a large drop pendant discovered in Bulgaria in 2009. It is made from 91 individual peridot stones and is considered over 3,500 years old.

Peridot Colors

Peridot comes in various light to dark green hues, but it is most commonly found in a vivid bright green. The colour comes from iron traces, and this variety of peridot is considered a natural green gemstone. Peridot can also be found in other colours, including yellow-green, lemon-yellow, and olive. 

These varieties contain traces of manganese, which produce different colour tones. Usually, yellow-green peridot is the least valued colour, but it can make for a unique and eclectic piece because of its uncommon colour. Its affordability makes the peridot an ideal gemstone for jewellery designers and consumers.

Peridot Crystal Cluster & Unique Peridot Shapes

Because peridot is found in various chunks rather than peridot crystals, it isn't commonly found in faceted shapes. But when it is, it has the same sparkling qualities as any other gemstone. Because of its distinctive shape and green hues, peridot can be recognized even when on a piece of jewellery.

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The Cut Of Peridot

The most popular cut of peridot is peridot à boule or a spherical shape. This is because it is easy to naturally obtain the peridot in this shape. Other popular cuts include:

Round – Similar to the emerald cut but with more curves
Oval – For a more feminine shape
Brilliant Cut – A modern cut with facets

Choosing Peridot Jewellery

With so many colours, cuts, and treatment options, jewellery lovers have a wide range of peridot options.

You can select pure green peridot for a splash of nature in your wardrobe or to commemorate a significant journey. Because of its unique shape, the stone makes for a beautiful pendant when hanging from a necklace.

Those looking for a more colourful option should consider plum-coloured Kashmiri peridot, mixed green and gold colours in Mandarin peridot, or the fiery colours of harlequin peridot. These rare and unique colors add a fun pop of color to any outfit.

Because of its variety of sizes, carat weights, and prices, anyone can find a peridot pendant, ring, bracelet, or necklace to fit their budget and style. From inexpensive 14-carat gold peridot pendants to rare white diamond-set per-it rings, jewellery lovers have various options. 

Peridot Jewellery Care

Because peridot is a softer gemstone, you should take extra care of your peridot jewellery.

You should not wear peridot while swimming or participating in other water-related activities. The chlorine and acidity of the water can damage your peridot jewellery and even cause it to lose its colour over time. It is best to store it away from water.

As a soft mineral, peridot can easily damage. Care should be taken while cleaning and wearing your peridot jewellery to prevent damage.

A professional jeweller recommends that jewellery containing peridot be cleaned to prevent damage. Soft minerals can generally scratch and lose colour with mechanical cleaning products or intense chemical solutions.

For consumers who want to do home care, green peridot can be treated with the same care as other coloured gemstones, but special care must be taken with yellow and honey colours as they tend to fade when exposed to chemical treatments.

Warm, Soothing Green Color

The calming green colour and unique stone shape of the peridot make it a favourite for jewellery lovers of all tastes and styles.

Whether you select a pure green stone, colourful jewel, or delicate ring, peridot jewellery is sure to be a perfect addition to your wardrobe and will be adored for years to come.


History & Meaning Of Spinel Birthstone

Spinel is a birthstone that is associated with love, security, and faith. The name spinel comes from the Old French word for "stone of spinning." The ancient Egyptians believed that the stone could ward off evil spirits. Today, spinels are used to make jewellery and watches.

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Jewellery Care: Spinel Birthstones

Jewellery made from spinel is a beautiful way to show your love and support for someone special. However, like any other piece of jewellery, spinel jewellery needs to be taken care of in order to keep it looking its best. Here are some tips on how to take care of your spinel jewellery:

  • Wash your jewellery with mild soap and water; avoid harsh detergents or scouring pads.
  • Polish with a soft cloth if needed. Avoid excessive use of polish or abrasives as they could damage the gemstone.
  • Keep your august birthstone jewellery out of the heat and direct sunshine by putting it in a cool, dry spot to store it.
  • If you experience any problems with your jewellery (e.g., stones falling out), don't hesitate to contact a jeweller for assistance.


History & Meaning Of Sardonyx Birthstone

Sardonyx is a birthstone meaning both love and protection. The Romans believed that wearing sardonyx would keep them safe during travel. It also symbolized the second eye of God. Sardonyx is known for its deep blue color and is often seen in rings, necklaces, and earrings. 

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sardonyx birthstone for August. It is a type of obsidian, which is black or dark grey volcanic glass. Sardonyx was originally found in Africa and Asia Minor but has since been found in many other parts of the world. 

Jewellery Care: Sardonyx Birthstones

Sardonyx is a type of gemstone that is often used in jewellery and other decorative items. It can be found in various colours, including orange, pink, yellow, green, and blue. In general, cleaning sardonyx should not be difficult. However, specific care must be taken to prevent tarnishing or damage to the gemstone. 

Sardonyx may be cleaned most effectively using a solution of mild soap and water. Before putting the gemstone away, make sure it is totally dry. Sardonyx should always be stored in a cool, dark place to prevent damage from occurring over time. 


The August birthstone is topaz. This gemstone is associated with love, intellect, and spiritual growth. It can help to calm the mind and ease anxiety. Today, peridot is still a popular choice for diamond earrings and necklaces, as its bright colours add a touch of glamour. 

Additionally, topaz is a strong protection against negative energies. Therefore, if you are seeking a one-of-a-kind and significant gift for a special person in your life, you might think about gifting them topaz jewellery.