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Which earrings are trending now?

by Veronica Varetta |


WHAT: Most wanted earrings

WHO: Our community

WHEN: July 2021

WHERE: Right here, right now

WHY: To discover the most purchased earring styles 


There are so many earrings styles out there and sometimes it's hard to choose the perfect design for your ears. This is why a useful inspiration guide with this wanted earrings.

Summer season is here and our community is aiming for essential and everyday styles that can be worn while sunbathing or going on a hike. We like to call them worry-free-earrings. They are secure and stable on your ears so you can enjoy your holidays without having to worry about them. 


The Hoops collection is the one trending this month. Click below and browse our top 8 solid gold earrings: 

1) LIL Hoop: traditional and a must have (available in 4 sizer)

2) Balmy Hoop: soft and classy (romantic without being too cheesy)

3) Curvy: one of a kind double hoop (you will only need one hole!!!)

4) Goldie Hoop: shiny and bold (perfect for your upcoming job interview)

5) Honey Hoop: intriguing and elegant (dinner with your fiancé parents must have)

6) Bloomy Earring: fresh and bon ton (your go to goddaughter gift, she will thank you someday)

7) Popcorn: precious with a twist (made with conflict free diamonds)

8) Rocky: you will never get tired of it kind of style (pair it with Moony)


Take inspiration from our gallery and style your ears as you have always wished!

Need some advices? Book your appointment here for free. Giorgia, our jewelry consultant, will be happy to help you. 

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