The SET: Boys Tears + Glossphere

The SET: Boys Tears + Glossphere

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The SET: 2 Chokers

1 Boys Tears + 1 Glossphere - the perfect choker duo that you will never want to take off. 

Boys Tears Choker - this will be your everyday sparkle. The 18kt gold drops will make your face glow like nothing else. We promise! Boys Tears is available 33cm or 35cm long - please select the size you prefer. 

Glossphere is characterized by mini charms in the shape of planets and stars. Something playful and unique. There are 9 pendents in total and they are approximetely 6mm wide.

Details: Boys Tears choker in 18kt gold and Glossphere choker in 9kt gold || Handcrafted in Italy

Boys Tears:
YES, Please!

If your size is sold out or if you want to custom order one, please send a LIL message to the Team here!