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Sweet Spot amulet has a very special meaning. To you and your special person bonded by the memory of a meaningful place, a unique travel, that special spot you won’t forget. 

We wanted to give you the chance to remember this exact place, by engraving those unique coordinates on this amulet.

The Sweet Spot amulet is 2cm wide and it is handmade by our goldsmith in 9 carats yellow Gold and one zircon. 

The benefit of wearing a necklace in 9 carats gold is that you can keep in on always. In the shower, at the beach or while doing sports. 

Available in: 9kt yellow Gold. All handmade in Italy. There are three purchase options:

  • the amulet by itself (250€)
  • the amulet with a 42cm gold chain (290€)
  • the amulet with a 60cm gold chain (320€) 

Find your Sweet Spot address here:

LATITUDE + LONGITUDE of your special spot and place it on the form below - we will engrave them on the back of the amulet. 

Example: Pasticceria Sissi - Piazza Risorgimento 6, 20129 Milano Coordinates: 45°28'2''N  9°12'35.8''E

Kindly note:

  • Sweet Spot is available ONLINE ONLY
  • Allow 7 business days for the necklace to ship - if you have a special request contact us via e-mail
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