Stardust - the Queen of Chokers.

We decided to take chokers to a higher level, making a necklace that is so sparkly it will take your breath away. This choker is something unique, every small part of it is characterized by a diamond cut effect that creates an amazing light around your neck. The 18kt mini gold paillettes will be perfect for both a date night or a lunch with your best friends.

During the process of making Stardust, VV knew it was going to be heavier than our usual chokers but it was so beautiful we couldn’t resist.

*Please note: do not wear Stardust choker with sweaters that might leave fabric garments, they might get caught up around the chain and it might loose the sparkle. Do not apply lotion around your neck while wearing it.

If you are not wearing Stardust, we suggest to hang it in the LILbox. 

Stardust choker is made by our goldsmith in 18 carats yellow Gold and it is 3mm wide. The benefit of wearing a necklace in 18 carats gold is that you can keep in on always.

Details: one size • 31cm + 4cm necklace extender

Available in: 18kt yellow Gold || Handcrafted in Milan, Italy

YES, Please!