Galaxy earcuff is one of LIL’s signature designs. It’s a unique 9kt gold earcuff with three small zircons around it. It's the perfect gift for your cool friend that wants to have something different that nobody else has.

Good news: you don’t need your ear to be pierced! How do you wear it? You just need to slide it in the top part of your ear and gently tighten it so you can’t loose it.

During the creation process of Galaxy earcuff the LIL team wanted to create something unusual that would give a special twist to your daily earring set. You can wear the Galaxy earcuff with your everyday earring set or pair it with Vega earring (as in the picture) or Milky earring for a more traditional look.

Galaxy earcuff is handmade by our goldsmith in 9 carats gold, the thickness of the earcuff is 3 mm and the stones are zircons.

The benefit of wearing an earcuff in 9 carats gold is that you can keep in on always. In the shower, at the beach or while doing sports. 

Available in: 9kt Yellow gold and White Gold || Handmade in Italy

Sold Individually (because we know you want to create your own unique earring set)

Stone Color:
YES, Please!

If your size is sold out or if you want to custom order one, please send a LIL message to the Team here!