CHER (Amulet only)

// Scientific name: Acanthocardia Tubercolata
// Also known as: Cuore

Inspired by Mermaids (1990), Cher is one of the main characters. The Goddess of Pop has been described as embodying female independence in a male-dominated industry. This amulet represents an essential and simple summer pendant at its best. We pictured it as the precious souvenir to remember a long walk on the beach during sunset hour.

Cher amulet is 0,9cm long and it is handmade by our goldsmith in 9 carats yellow Gold. The benefit of wearing an amulet in 9 carats gold is that you can keep in on always. In the shower, at the beach and shine like sun on the sea.


This includes the pendant only

Size: 0,9cm

Pair it with: LIL Chain 

Available in: 9kt yellow Gold || Handcrafted in Italy

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