Baby Love Bracelet

Baby Love Bracelet

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Baby Love Bracelet - a special 18kt gold diamond-cut chain with a small heart pendant. It's the perfect gift for your BFF, Mom, Love of your life, Partner in Crime, Best Sister you could have asked for...

During the creation process of Baby Love bracelet the LIL team wanted to make an everyday bracelet, something that you would put on and never stop wearing. Just like a tattoo. The heart pendant is minimal and simple but at the same time it's leaning on the left side - which in the human brain represents the logical side. The contradiction is for us to remember that on the contrary, love doesn't always listen to reason. 

The benefit of wearing a bracelet in 18 carats gold is that you can keep in on always. In the shower, at the beach or while doing sports. 

☆ Please note that this is a delicate bracelet, we suggest to keep it always on and if you are not wearing it, close the choker and hang it in the LILbox. 


length 15cm / 17cm 

width 0,1 cm

pendant 0,8 cm

ring clasp

Available in: 18kt yellow Gold with 9kt gold heart pendant || Handcrafted in Italy

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