Ring size guide

Lil Milan ring size guide circumference
Inside Diameter
Lil Milan ring size guide diameter

A quick guide

Measure the inside diameter or the circumference of a ring you own.
Kindly note that we cannot guarantee that ring sizing via paper will be accurate.
We highly recommend getting sized by a local jeweler or to buy our Ring Sizer.

Circumference Inside Diameter LIL / IT UK USA
41 mm 13 mm 1
42 mm 13.3 mm 2
43 mm 13.6 mm 3
44 mm 14 mm 4 F 3
45 mm 14.3 mm 5 F 1/2
46 mm 14.6 mm 6 G 3 1/2
47 mm 14.9 mm 7 H 4
48 mm 15.3 mm 8 I 4 1/2
49 mm 15.6 mm 9 J 5
50 mm 16 mm 10 K 5 1/2
51 mm 16.2 mm 11 L
52 mm 16.5 mm 12 L 1/2 6
53 mm 16.8 mm 13 M 1/2 6 1/2
54 mm 17.2 mm 14 N 7
55 mm 17.4 mm 15 O
56 mm 17.8 mm 16 O 1/2 7 1/2
57 mm 18.1 mm 17 P 1/2 8
58 mm 18.5 mm 18 Q 8 1/2
59 mm 18.8 mm 19 R 9
60 mm 19.1 mm 20 S 9 1/2
61 mm 19.5 mm 21 T 10



Oxford Dictionary definition(noun) the act of closing and opening your eyes quickly.

LILGirls’ definition: manicure date with your BFF, Netflix’n’Chill, pizza at midnight or red wine chats.

Choose any of the above and treat yourself in a blink of an eye. Just because… why not? Blink is your new 9 karat gold ring chain: effortless and perfect in every occasion.

Create your unique stack of rings, make it personal. Mix and match different styles. It’s the stacker you’ve been waiting for!

The benefit of wearing a solid gold jewel is that you can keep it on always. In the shower, at the beach or while doing sports. 

Thickness 1 mm

Available in 9K yellow gold or white gold || Handcrafted in Italy

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ring size guide
Gold Color - Yellow
ring size guide
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Thickness 1 mm

Available in 9K yellow gold or white gold || Handcrafted in Italy

Is it a rigid ring?
No, the ring is made of a soft mesh which makes it very comfortable.

Is this jewel in solid gold?


YES! LIL's jewels are handmade in solid gold only. They are in 9 or 18 carat gold as you can see in each product page (details section). In your LIL box you will find a 2 years warranty certificate and the gold title. 

Can I exchange/return my order?


From Italy: yes. Exchanges and returns are free within 14 days from the delivery of the package. 

From EU: yes. Exchanges and returns are accepted within 14 days from the delivery of the package, the cost of shipments is stated in this chart.

From the rest of the world we can only accept returns. Please read our Terms and Conditions here.

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