Say My Name

Say My Name


“Say my name, say my name,

if no one is around you,

say baby I love you..”

Say my name, by Destiny’s Child (2000)

We got inspired from one of the greatest hits from the 00’s to create something unique, made just for you. Say My Name ring is a golden reminder of your own identity or the memory of someone extremely important to you.

Bring this ring around the world 24/7 as if it was your self-love ID.

Say My Name ring is a custom letter order and it will be shipped in 10 working days. It’s available for pre-order only!

LIL Tips: Select a bigger size than your ordinary one

For any special request send us an e-mail we will be happy to help you.


letter block 7 mm

white zircons

6 essential rings blocked by your letter

thickness each ring 1 mm

Pair it with: Calypso + Baby Glow

Available in: 9kt yellow Gold || Handcrafted in Italy

Ring Size Chart

Gifts? Add Luxury Pack for special occasion only!

Size/ Letter: