Maria Elena Bis

Via Micca Pietro 33, Biella

One of the most interesting boutique in the heart of Biella where you can find a unique selection of LIL collection.

Tel: 015 2522178



Via Roma 14, Courmayeur, AO

Between a slope and a hot chocolate you can stop by Guichardaz, the place to go for an extra layer of cashmere and a special LIL sparkle. Cozy and welcoming, in this boutique you will find a beautiful selection made by Martina and her father.

Tel: 0165 842515


Donne Concept Store

Via Vincenzo Sulis 30, Cagliari, CA

LIL is delighted to have Donne Concept Store as one of its resellers - this unique boutique has various locations. You can find our jewelry collection in Cagliari, one of the most beautiful boutiques in Italy.

Tel: 070 655784


Luisa Via Roma

Via Roma 19/21, Firenze, FI

Luisa Via Roma is the most well known e-commerce for a full fashion experience. LVR is located in the heart of Florence. 

Tel: 055 9064116



Via Manzoni 27, Milano, MI

In the heart of the centre of Milan you can find MARI, a stunning selection of clothes and accessories. Here you can buy LIL's necklaces and chokers.

Tel: 02 80500468

Mariza Tassy

Via Molino delle Armi 45, Milano, MI

One of the most beautiful boutiques in Milan. Here you can find a special selection of LIL jewels next to brands like Forte Forte and Isabel Marant.

Tel: 02 89415364

Lizard Concept Store

Via Circo 1, Milano, MI

A new concept store in the beating heart of Milan, 5Vie art & design district. It offers a unique combination of pioneering fashion brands such as Nanuska, Loeffler Randall, Asceno; innovative design and an amazing selection of LIL jewels.

Tel: 02 84149578

La Corte

Via Fiamma 37, Milano, MI

La Corte has LIL full collection together with a great selection of other contemporary brands.

Tel: 02 24164888



Via Lambro 6, Monza, MB

Norrgatan is incredibly special and has a great selection of clothing brands such as One Teaspoon jeans and Mr Self Portrait lace. 

Tel: 039 2917822


XY Store

Via San Fermo 49, Padova, PD

Contemporary multi brand store located in the heart of Padova. A selection of unique pieces  from all over the world. 

Tel: 049 664199


Ò Bijoux

Borgo Giacomo Tommasini 9/C, Parma, PR

LIL is available at Officina Bijoux in the heart of Parma. You will find a great selection of LIL collection and if you're looking for a dress you can go across the street to the woman boutique. 

Tel: 0521 247738



Via G. Garibaldi 29, Pietrasanta, LU

Located in Pietrasanta, a small town known as the city of artists. At Zoe you’ll find a variety of both local and international brands move quickly off the racks in line with the trend and the perfect LIL set.

Tel: 0584 70181



Corso Re Umberto 27, Torino, TO

Verdelilla is located in the heart of Turin and is one of the most exclusive boutiques in Italy. Here you can find LIL and some very unique pieces.

Tel: 011 7640280


ICONA Boutique

Via Quattro Spade 14, Verona, VR

Located in one of the most romantic cities in Italy, Icona Boutique is a multi brand store with an amazing selection.

Tel: 045 8015798



La Galeria Elefante

Carretera San Miguel Km 3.2, Ibiza

La Galeria Elephante is not a simple store but a concept, a way of living - between design, accessories, clothes and books you can find LIL jewelry collection. Look for our special 18kt gold collection of anklets and chokers.

Tel: +34 971 197017