LILstickers / Summer 2019


WHAT: LIL stickers

WHO: Erica Merlo

WHEN: Summer-Fall 2019

WHY: We love to collaborate with artists and involve new minds. To communicate LIL’s core values through illustrations we asked Erica Merlo, tattoo artist based in Milan, to create a new set of stickers.

The collection of 5 illustrated stickers represent:

the beauty of a woman (with all of her curves and hedges, she is in continuous evolution), a field of peonies (symbol of prosperity), a summer motto: ‘good vibes’ because what goes around comes back around, the touch of a magic hand because we all need a little bit of luck sometimes and a special math formula for good mood.

Every order over 100€ will receive 1 sticker (the selection of the illustration will be random).

veronica varetta