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Think, engrave, remember

by Veronica Varetta |

WHAT: Interesting fact about engraving 

WHO: Anyone who’s curious

WHEN: September 2021

WHERE: Wherever your prefer

WHY: To discover which LIL jewel you can engrave

Engraving dates back to the primitive era when men used to impress what they saw or perceived and thus communicated with divinities or other human beings. Engraving methods were basically two: percussion and graffito.

The first one consisted in beating the surface with metal tools, the second one in scratching it with the same instrument. No matter the method, the aim was always the same: to leave a mark. If you think about it, we all try to leave a trace on earth through our job, relationships or even Instagram posts.

We all want to be remembered somehow. Don’t we? 

What has engraving to do with LIL? A lot indeed. Jewels are about emotions. We buy them to celebrate something that it’s important to us. To be remembered. And among LIL jewels there are some that are especially designed to be engraved, for you and for those you love.

Below you can find some of the best personalized jewelry:

LIL Brick: amulet in solid yellow or white gold. We love it because it symbolizes personal growth. It could remind you of an achievement, an important goal - every time you'll look at it, you will remember both the joy and sacrifices linked to it. Moreover, it can be personalised with the engraving of a lucky number, a date or initials. Make it yours, truly!

Sweet Spot: solid gold amulet. It’s a special personalized amulet because it was designed to carry on the back the coordinates of your special place in the world, where you had your first date, a joyful meeting or whatever you love. Sweet Spot comes in shiny or mat; on the front a white zircon lights up the whole jewel.

Rocky Ring: a ring characterised by essential lines but its structure is defined and solid. It has a band height of 0.4 cm which allows an internal engraving of a name, a short phrase or a special date. Rocky Ring is the perfect ring if you want something totally yours. 

DNA: it’s hard not to fall in love with DNA - for its essential design but also for  its meaning. It's the number 1 symbol of  relationships - genetic but not only. The gold fibres of the bracelet build a real shiny spiral which reminds the DNA one. You can also add a tag that can be engraved with two letters or numbers. 

Goldie: personalised necklace in 9kt yellow solid gold. Its style is noticeable from far away because its style belongs to the 90’s and it doesn’t want to be unseen. The choker itself cannot be engraved but personalised with one or more letters in gold and white zircon. It will shine even more.

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