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Best jewelry picks for an evening party

by Veronica Varetta |

WHAT: LIL Jewels

WHO: Everyone who wants to have fun!

WHEN: Evening party

WHERE: Party, Clubs

WHY: To enhance your style 


Girls (but boys too) just want to have fun! 

We know that words such as fun, drink and party sound quite weird nowadays but we strongly hope the situation is going to get better and better. And we don't want you to be caught unready. . 

People gather and have fun together for a birthday party, a drink with friends or business partners. For any party, in winter as in summer, playing with accessories can be strategic and it guarantees a perfect final look. Here are some tips to find out which jewels can fit your look and make it perfect. 

Our thin rings for women and men are perfect to be mixed and matched - they will glow on your hand. They can be worn all day long - they are easy and comfortable but sophisticated, not ordinary at the same time. Have a look to our best party jewellery selection.

From the very perfectly rounded Giotto to soft rings such as Lightly, Firefly or Nude - you can mix them together to make a very personal and enjoyable look. 

Then you could pick up Stardust in 18kt yellow gold. Probably it is the shiniest LIL choker: it stands out and makes you shine your (almost) own light. Stardust is the perfect gold necklace for a party! 

Another sparkly option is Goldie, a gold choker inspired by the 90’s - an essential choker with a chic look! It enriches the neck and gives a sophisticated touch to your style. 

If you love earrings in yellow or white gold, here are some suggestions which might be perfect to complete your look!

Smiley Earring: Earring in 18kt yellow or white gold. It is made of a long pendant that you can also insert in your other ear holes, creating different shapes and styles. Its final part stands right on the earlobe, lighting you up. 

You can buy gold earrings and create your perfect set, the result will be amazing! 

Shaker: earring in 18kt yellow gold. Its design got inspired from the most ‘disco’ decade: the 80’s!! Just as in a party where music is the main character, Shaker will dance with you and it will create a perfect movement on your outfit. Shaker can be worn with a very formal outfit or with a more extravagant one.

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