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von Veronica Varetta •

Who's your protectress?

WHAT: To find out which mythological figure is your major protector WHO: Lil Girls WHEN: July 2021 WHERE: WHY: Why not? Did you know that according to an ancient legend we were given divine gifts by deities? Fascinating, isn't it? So, according to our zodiac signs, let’s find out our personal features that can be connected to mythological figures and who is your major protector. Aries - Athena ZODIACAL SIGN: Aries PERIOD: 21st March - 19th April GODDESS: Athena LIL JEWEL: Baby Glow Choker Dear Aries, you are wise and envied just like Athena. Your strong personality makes you fearsome and not easy to disagree with. Just be aware that at the same time you are able to instil courage and predict future successes. Keep going!   Taurus - Hestia ZODIACAL SIGN: Taurus PERIOD: 20th Aprile - 20th May GODDESS: Hestia LIL JEWEL: Grandma Choker Hestia was the ‘mother’, the goddess protecting everyone, and Taurus girls are just like her! You are the one people can rely on, just like a mother in a family.  Just pay attention to those who might take advantage of it!    Gemini - Hebe ZODIACAL SIGN: Gemini PERIOD: 21st May - 20th June GODDESS: Hebe LIL JEWEL: Libido Hebe was the goddess of youth - enough to identify her with the Gemini sign. Geminis are often considered eternal babies that can’t wait to play and have fun - Hebe goddess was famous for making people younger. Alexa, play ‘Young Forever’ on Spotify!     Cancer - Artemis ZODIACAL SIGN: Cancer PERIOD: 21st June - 22nd July GODDESS: Artemis LIL JEWEL: Balmylicious XXL Cancer people are reflective, calm and particularly attentive to others just as Artemis, the famous goddess of the Moon who is considered one of the most powerful in the world. She was famous because she was really independent and self-confident. Girl, you know your strength   Leo - Eos ZODIACAL SIGN: Leo PERIOD: 23rd July - 23rd August GODDESS: Eos LIL JEWEL: Choklet n. 12379 Dear Leo, is there a more appropriate comparison than the one between you and the Sun? Not at all! Eos is connected to the Sun and her chariot used to shine in the sky every day, glowing like warm sunrays. You definitely shine, full stop!   Virgo - Demeter ZODIACAL SIGN: Virgo PERIOD: 24th August - 22nd September GODDESS: Demeter LIL JEWEL: Granola Chain Demeter was a controversial figure - maybe because she was too avant-garde for her  time. She was the protective goddess of agriculture and she was quiet, cautious and calm, just like the ones born under the Virgo sign.What’s the moral of this story? Actually, you are doing fine - just wait for the right moment. Good luck!   Libra - Aphrodite ZODIACAL SIGN: Libra PERIOD: 23rd September - 22nd October GODDESS: Aphrodite LIL JEWEL: Flirty You are stubborn, headstrong and determined. Aphrodite was the goddess of love and passion - just like you. You don’t easily surrender and you usually use your charm to get everything you want.  Hey babe, you are colder than ice and hotter than hell.   Scorpio - Selket ZODIACAL SIGN: Scorpio PERIOD: 23rd October - 21st November GODDESS: Selket LIL JEWEL: Stardust Selket is the Egyptian goddess of transition: she helped the souls to peacefully pass to the afterlife and according to a legend she was able to heal from scorpion punctures. She is the goddess that connects, reunites and gets everything harmonic. Selket calls for your inner strength in order to reach your goals. Keep dreaming!   Sagittarius - Rhiannon ZODIACAL SIGN: Sagittarius PERIOD: 22nd November - 21st December GODDESS: Rhiannon LIL JEWEL: Honey Choker Rhiannon is a peculiar goddess: she was often misunderstood but she is the right one for those who were born under the sign of Sagittarius - they can easily identify themselves with her. According to the legend  she was born during the very first moon and she was the bearer of wisdom, beauty and magic. According to another legend, she was always accompanied by the sweet chirping of birds - we believe it’s the positive energy that leads you to reach your aims. Let it be!   Capricorn - Persephone ZODIACAL SIGN: Capricorn PERIOD: 22nd December - 19th January GODDESS: Persephone LIL JEWEL: Sweet’n’Sour Capricorn is the sign of Earth, you are grounded to nature - that’s why Persephone is the goodness closer to you. She was Mother Earth’s descendant, the one who was able to maintain a clear mind, protecting herself by negative energies. ‘Stay positive or go home’ we like to say.   Aquarius - Hecate ZODIACAL SIGN: Aquarius PERIOD: 20th January - 19th February GODDESS: Hecate LIL JEWEL: Blink XXL Being a reference point for someone else is not easy at all and it can be a responsibility. Hecate knew something about it -  she was an independent goddess who was willing to help everyone just like those who were born under the sign of Aquarius. This goddess used to be placed in the middle of the crossroads to protect travellers and she helped people to choose the right path and to avoid risky ones. Are you still surprised to be so amazing?   Pisces - Yemaja ZODIACAL SIGN: Pisces PERIOD: 20th February - 20th March DEA: Yemaja LIL JEWEL: Balmy Yemaja is the goddess connected to Pisces' sign. She is the goddess of water and she was known as the mother of the sea - a mermaid who swims through intuition and creativity, just like pisces. She was an intuitive figure that embraced emotions and dreams. So, dear Pisces, trust your gut is the motto!