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Engagement Ring | Toi et Moi | LIL Milan

by Veronica Varetta |

Creating jewellery has always been my passion and I won't deny that everything was born from a strong curiosity that constantly pushes me to observe closely the reality that surrounds me and to understand what people need. 

LIL Milan is a jewellery brand and, as you might already know, I never set limits to new experiments and proposals, which allows me to launch new and stimulating challenges for my work and to you.

LIL House is the home of LIL Milan and it is here that my team and I have the opportunity to listen, talk and get to know all those who come to visit us.

LIL House is a place where it is nice to meet and talk, and it is from this dialogue that we have understood there is curiosity on your part that goes beyond the collection. 

There have been many requests for customisation, modifications and ideas for creating or re-inventing jewellery that you already own. And - whenever possible - we have always tried to satisfy your requests.

Having said that, I would like to officially inform you that from now on, if you are interested in creating a piece of jewellery that you have in mind, at LIL Milan we  will be happy to accept your request and do our best to make it happen.

But let's get straight to the point.

For example, a few months ago we made a special ring for a wedding proposal.

A ring based on a well-known design in the world of jewellery, Toi et Moi (PC: Harper's Bazaar).

The origin of this ring seems to date back centuries, but probably the one who made it famous was Napoleon, who in 1796 had the shank of the engagement ring for his future wife Josephine engraved with "You and I, forever".

This is the ring we have the first photographic reference of: it is said it echoes the fashion of the courting chair with two seats positioned in an S-shape that allowed to speak close and to be able to look each other in the eye.

Over the years, this particular design has been revisited in many ways and each jeweller has come up with his own vision or simply fulfilled a specific request from those who wanted to wear it. What has certainly remained unchanged are the two stones that continue to be the undisputed stars.

But let’s go back to LIL Milan :) 

In our case, it is a gold band characterised by (of course) two stones that brush against each other but do not actually touch, thus creating a semi-open ring that is extremely evocative.

In fact, the ring carries an intrinsic message: the two stones that compose it are the clear symbol of two lovers and what makes it unique is the imperceptible distance between them.  

We like to think that this distance symbolises a powerful attraction, a constant force that does not allow the two stones to separate, ever. 

The two stones in question are conflict-free, teardrop-shaped diamonds. One has a dark brownish finish to create contrast with the other, which is colourless.

LIL Team is at your disposal for any questions or advice. Just tell us WHAT YOU REALLY WANT :)

You can write to us at or visit us at LIL House, Via Gaetano Donizetti,36, Milan. 

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