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Love for Italian goldsmiths

by Veronica Varetta |

WHAT: Italian Goldsmiths

WHO: Anyone who is curious to know something new

WHEN: Whenever you want


WHY: To know some interesting facts

Did you know Italy counts the major number of artistic and cultural goods protected by Unesco?

It’s not a coincidence that Italy is renowned for its beauty: you can see it everywhere from the amazing landscapes to splendid art masterpieces to fashion.

Jewels’ history is antique and belongs to Italy too. Did you know Italians acquired goldsmith’s basic knowledge from Etruscans?

Yes, it’s true: granulation for instance, which is a specific treat consisting in welding spheres among them. Or fretwork, engraving and burin, which are tools and precious techniques we acquired from ancient times. Florentines learned the techniques and gradually became real expertises, globally recognised.

Renaissance played a crucial role because nobles used to adorn themselves with precious stones and artisans gave birth to the women's necklaces and earrings, especially designed to match with their dresses.   

Italian handcrafted jewels are promptly recognisable because of their techniques, design, creativity and preciousness - in short for their top quality. Goldsmith culture developed through centuries and years and gave birth to real gold districts: Arezzo, Vicenza and Valenza are the most important ones. 

After these historical facts, let’s have a look at the present:

According to the Intesa Sanpaolo Research Department, after a very difficult 2020, in 2021 we are experiencing a global  growth of up to 52% of quantity; Italian exports are reacting positively with a growth of 18,4% in value and 12,5% in quantity. China’s score is the highest: +211%.

These data are encouraging for those who believe and work everyday in this field, trying to carry on all this precious heritage. LIL Milan belongs to it and we love to share this knowledge with our community.

Hope you liked it :)

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