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LIL Boys! The ones you deserve

by Veronica Varetta |

WHAT: LIL Boys jewels


WHEN: From now on

WHERE: www.lilmilan.com

WHY: Because LIL is for everybody

All right, LIL Milan was born with a female vision but it is also true that in 2021 adjectives like male and female are definitely old-fashioned. We noticed that, while shopping in LIL House, many boyfriends were attracted by our jewels but unfortunately we didn’t have the right sizes for them to try on. No sooner said than done! Meet men's jewelry by Lil Milan. We developed bigger sizes to fit them all because our jewels are made of an essential design that is suitable for everyone. Isn’t it? So, if you are curious to know which jewelry designs are perfect for men too, have a look at this list :)

Boys Tears

Boys Tears, of course! We had to spread our iconic gold choker necklace as much as possible. You want to shine like no other? Boys Tears is the perfect choice to match your partner or just to please yourself. You can wear it everyday because it is daily and appropriate for any occasion. Check out men's necklaces.

Balmylicious XXL + Libido

You know we are obsessed with pearls, right? We thought pearls for men as well. That’s why we couldn't miss in the LIL Boys list. Balmylicious XXL and Libido in particular - are two pearl necklaces with a gold pearl which is casually placed to give a unique touch. Of course you boys have to be cool but if you are reading this article, you know what it takes.

Grandma Choker

Another gold necklace we would love to see on a boy’s neck is Grandma Choker. The design inspiration comes from granny’s typical jewel but it has a timeless yet modern feeling. The combination of white and yellow gold gives a special light to those who wear it and, trust us, you won’t regret it!

Girls Tears Bracelet

Not only gold necklaces but gold bracelets too. The very last new model is Girls Tears Bracelet, a 18KT yellow solid gold bracelet available in different sizes so that it can fit anyone’s wrist. It is made of essential lines but sparkling just as tears can be.


Dna is another gold bracelet for men. It is composed of a series of fibers that create the Dna helix and the message behind it is very nice - in fact Dna is a symbol of relationship, the genetic one but also about friendship or love.


Last but not least, we think Earcuffs in solid gold could be cool on a man's ear. Earcuff was born to have the cool effect of a piercing without piercing actually :) Models such as TipTap, Galaxy or Rocky Earcuff are simple to wear: you just have to position it in the high part of the ear and then slide it to the center. Just be sure to fix it in the correct way and it is done! 

You can discover the entire collection on www.lilmilan.com

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