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Breath in and chill out | The Rolly Set | LIL Milan

by Veronica Varetta |

Breathe in and chill out!

No, no wait! You are not in a yoga class, it’s just the mantra we use to describe LIL Milan’s new entry - the ROLLY set.

We all need to relax, take a deep breath and chill out, that’s why Rolly was born. Its name represents its design, of course - it’s a rolled up yellow gold chain but it is more about colors, big smiles and gummy bears.

We wanted to give you a pretext to enjoy a moment, either alone or with friends - we have been through difficult times - we still are in fact.

Let’s try to treat ourselves. 

We developed a set composed of 3 pieces:

- Rolly: yellow gold necklace in 18k. You can play with it - It’s perfect either to be worn alone or mixed with others. It’s a sparkling necklace for women or men whose design is inspired by a twisted rope with a special glam effect. It’s available in 2 sizes: 37cm or 50cm. You decide!

- Rolly Earring: gold earring in yellow gold 18k. It’s a snap closure earring suitable for any lobe piercing- it is embellished by a piece of gold rope around the curve and you can mix it with others. We like to combine it with Goldie Hoop to have a bolder effect or LIL Hoop to make it softer. 

- Choklet N.13 / I am Rolly: yellow gold in 18k. As you might know it’s part of the Choklet family, it is a segment you can   combine with others, this way you can create a bracelet, an anklet, a necklace or a waist chain too - it’s really up to you. Choklet N.13 / I am Rolly is the element you need if you want to make your creation unique.

Roll your problems away, and enjoy your happy moment :)

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