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Precious is here.

by veronica varetta |

WHAT: Precious 

WHO: Everyone

WHEN: March 2021

WHERE: Milan

WHY: To launch something precious, something special. 

Attraction to the sparkle is natural, it happens casually. The intent was to create something to be worn 24/7 like all the other LIL designs available online. Same thing for this capsule with a diamond and sapphires touch!

Don't worry we are not changing, we are still the same old LIL but we want to keep on evolving in order to offer all the jewels you might need in your everyday life. 

The collection includes different designs that will continue to change over time. As usual. LIL collections are never over, because they keep on evolving. Like us. 

All the jewels that are part of the PRECIOUS capsule are meant to be worn playfully, without taking yourself too seriously.

We pictured you wearing them while having your morning coffee, doing the shopping or having a drink. 

Each jewel represents a moment of the day. 

Each jewel has a name. Let me introduce you to them: 







The collection is composed of diamonds and rainbow sapphires. All stones are carefully chosen, and are (of course) conflict free. 

Diamonds are top choice diamonds. Same thing for sapphires. 

Here you can find an easy to read guide to precious stones and the Four Cs. 


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