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Maid of honor gift ideas

by Veronica Varetta |

WHAT: LIL Jewels

WHO: Maids of honor

WHEN: Wedding day

WHERE: Whenever you want to say ‘Yes, I do’

WHY: To gift your maid of honor with a special jewel

We know you have so many things to take care of for your wedding - dress, flowers, location and so on... But usually there is one thing that doesn’t take too much wonder: choosing your maid of honor. We are sure that you have already made the best decision and chose the perfect maids of honour to have by your side during your wedding. May we suggest some of the most appropriate wedding earrings to give them for this special day? 

Our jewels often have a special meaning linked to their design or to their name. Let’s have a look. 

The first one is DNA, a 18K yellow gold bracelet whose design recalls the DNA's helix. Besides being very elegant, its design  reminds us of a special relationship. In fact DNA is about family and its members, even acquired ones. In other words, all those who stand next to us in the most important moments of our life.

Another bracelet that can be perfect for this occasion is Bloomy, a very delicate and romantic bracelet in 18K yellow gold with a white zircons flower in the middle. Did you know that in ‘800 flowers used to be the means to describe sensations and feelings that words couldn't express? In such a passionate moment as your wedding day, an act is worth a thousand words.

If you love the idea of a ring, Cassiopea and Calypso are perfect for this occasion. They are both in 9K yellow or white gold and made to be mixed and matched. White, black, green and pink: it could be fun to give your maids of honor different colors according to their personality.

Finally, you can choose one of our earrings and one of the best choices for this occasion is Astro Hoop - a gold hoop earring in 9K yellow gold with white zircons on one side to light up the face. This earring is available in a smaller version too: Mini Astro Hoop - very bright and fits everyone.

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