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LIL Things

by Veronica Varetta |

WHAT: LIL Things

WHO: LIL Lovers

WHEN: It’s up to you


WHY: To know LIL Milan at 360°

LIL Milan is a jewelry brand and we have no doubts until now :) Over time, we gave our customers the chance to approach extra products too, maintaining at the same time a connection with our jewels. We named them LIL Things indeed. 

They are not just physical products but also services and useful tools to buy our gold jewels online and to know something more about our body. You might ask: What do you mean? For instance, do you know your neck’s circumference? And what about your ring size?

LIL team developed some ideas to let you know them and it is super simple!

Ring Sizer

Regarding rings, do you know how to measure your ring size? No worries, we created the Ring sizer, a bend that you wear around the finger in order to get the size through a lens that indicates the right one.

LIL Meter

The best method to measure the neck size is to use a classic tape measure we named LIL Meter. Yes it’s a classic meter but the cutest you have ever seen because in LIL’s style. You will just have to position it around the basement of the neck and doing so, you can get the right size in order to buy gold necklaces

Luxury Pack

Another LIL Thing is the Luxury Pack, a paper gift box where it is possible to add a dedicationt - this way the gift will be even more precious and you won’t even need a greeting card.

Make it shine

As you may know, our gold jewels for women and men are made in solid gold 9 or 18 KT so they need cure and maintenance. In addition to our Jewels Cleaning Service, we also made a special rag in natural fibres that helps you to keep your gold jewels clean and shiny. Guess how we named it? Make it shine, of course! 

Goddess Tank

Given that jewels are part of fashion, we developed a ready to wear line  - the first one is Goddess Tanks, a 100% silk t-shirt that comes in white or blue navy. Its peculiarity is that you can hook the choker to the free shoulder, adding a personal LIL touch.

Cloud Jewelry Case

It would have been a pity leaving your jewels at home while travelling right? No worries, we launched the very first Cloud Jewelry Case. It is soft as a cloud, organised and super comfortable. It is the perfect travel jewelry case!

The inside is composed of 4 pockets where you can add the jewels’ internals of any kind (ring, bracelet, necklace etc), this way you can always have with you the perfect jewelry organiser. When needed, it can be emptied and filled with your daily things, this way you can have a super coloured soft bag suitable for any moment of the day. It comes in 4 colours: black ink, mediterranean blue, fizzy lime and pink grease.

For any further curiosity, please have a look at the website and discover LIL’s world! 

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