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Jewel! But make it fashion

by Veronica Varetta |

WHAT: Relationship between jewels and fashion

WHO: Fashion lovers

WHEN: Whenever you want


WHY: To know some fashion facts


The relationship between fashion and jewels seems to be a troubled Hollywood love story, especially because it’s still hard to answer a very simple question: what’s more important, the dress or the jewel? When you think about  ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’, do you remember Audrey Hepburn wearing the  petit robe noire by Givenchy (PC: Vogue Messico) or the pearl diademe by Robert Scemama? Difficult to say but probably the two together - the perfect combination between jewel and dress creates the perfect look.

The bond between fashion and jewels became together at the beginning of the 900's when they both started to be perceived as status symbols. Then, after the Second World War, people were aiming at a drastic positive change in their life - fashion wanted it too. Christian Dior gave birth to the New Look (PC: Vogue Italia): large gowns, tight waist and soft shoulders - a real new way to perceive both the body and the look. The same happened to jewels: on the one hand there were artisans and brands as Cartier and Van Cleef and Arples who produced classic pieces, on the other there were designers who introduced new concepts and styles.

Coco Chanel has been for sure one of the most iconic personalities of the XX century. Our minds tend to link her to the tailleur in tweed or to parfum Chanel N.5 but what about the pearls (PC: Vogue Taiwan)? Pictures of her wearing big pearls around her neck are memorable and she was one of the first to wear them always - from early morning to late night. Pearls were a symbol of elegance and good taste and she loved to mix them with fake ones too. They had to be beautiful, not necessarily real.

Jewels were part of the look but till the end of the 80’s they were not integrated in it. Then, they started to have a life of their own in fashion advertising campaigns.(PC:Pinterest). And Gianni Versace was the very first designer to physically use them in the memorable Safety Pin Dress (PC: Marie Claire) - a long black gown with a dizzy neckline and a side slit held together by 6 gold safety pins. Elizabeth Hurley wore it in 1994 for ‘‘Four weddings and a funeral’ award ceremony: besides totally upstaging Hugh Grant, she caused a  scandal but created an iconic moment in everyone’s mind.

But let's talk about the present: Daniel Roseberry, actual creative director of Schiaparelli, is one of the designers who is focusing a lot on jewels. His creations are real sculptures that he skillfully integrates in his dresses. He has been able to change the perspective: jewels do not embellish the body. The body is already a jewel! Roseberry creates molds of body portions, mainly extremities - ears, lips, fingers and so on… he doesn’t cover the body, he glorifies it! The keyword for all his creations is Overemphasis! Especially as far as dimensions are concerned - huge duck’s head, big corals or gold eyeglasses. No doubt: Roseberry focus people's attention on jewels by making them (again) the main character. (PC: SkyTg24)

All right, very interesting but what all this has to do with LIL Milan? As we all know, history always teaches something and even if nowday's social context is completely different when I create my jewels I always have in mind a modern and contemporary woman - someone who sits for exams at university in the morning, does sports in the afternoon and enjoys a dinner with friends in the evening. LIL Milan’s designs are made to be worn like a second skin, during every moment of everyday life. One LIL’s main characteristics is to mix jewels - just as Coco Chanel used to do - it’s for this reason too that we sell our earrings individually, for instance.

I love to mix and match pearls, choker and necklaces of different lengths and it is interesting to see how our customers personalise them according to their taste and needs

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